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The Wizard Tower is the eighth building in the game, costing 330 million cookies. Each Wizard Tower initially produces 44,000 cookies per second by summoning them.


Icon Name Description  ID 
Hat Bewitched Have 1 wizard tower. 181
PinkHat The sorcerer's apprentice Have 50 wizard towers. 182
BlueHat Charms and enchantments Have 100 wizard towers. 183
OrangeHat Curses and maledictions Have 150 wizard towers. 184
GoldenHat Magic kingdom Have 200 wizard towers. 185
Hat Hocus pocus Make 1 quintillion cookies just from wizard towers. 188
Hat Too many rabbits, not enough hats Make 1 sextillion cookies just from wizard towers. 196


Icon Name Quantity Needed Base price (cookies) Description ID
HatNew Pointier hats 1 3.3 billion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Tests have shown increased thaumic receptivity relative to the geometric proportions of wizardly conic implements." 244
PinkHatNew Beardlier beards 5 16.5 billion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Haven't you heard? The beard is the word." 245
CyanHatNew Ancient grimoires 25 165 billion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Contain interesting spells such as "Turn Water To Drool", "Grow Eyebrows On Furniture" and "Summon Politician"." 246
OrangeHatNew Kitchen curses 50 16.5 trillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Exotic magic involved in all things pastry-related. Hexcellent!" 247
GoldHatNew School of sorcery 100 1.65 quadrillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."This cookie-funded academy of witchcraft is home to the 4 prestigious houses of magic : the Jocks, the Nerds, the Preps, and the Deathmunchers." 248
RustedHatNew Dark formulas 150 165 quadrillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Eldritch forces are at work behind these spells - you get the feeling you really shouldn't be messing with those. But I mean, free cookies, right?" 249
BlackHatNew Cookiemancy 200 165 quintillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."There it is; the perfected school of baking magic. From summoning chips to hexing nuts, there is not a single part of cookie-making that hasn't been improved tenfold by magic tricks." 300
SilverHatNew Rabbit trick 250 165 sextillion Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Using nothing more than a fancy top hat, your wizards have found a way to simultaneously curb rabbit population and produce heaps of extra cookies for basically free!
Resulting cookies may or may not be fit for vegans."

Grandma FormEdit

Purchasing 15 Wizard Tower allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GrandmaAchieveNew Witch Grandmas 15 Wizard Towers 16.5 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Wizard towers gain +1% CpS per 6 grandmas.
"A nice witch to cast a zip, and a zoop, and poof! Cookies!"
Cursor 64px
Mine new
Factory new
Wizard Tower
Shipment new
Alchemy Lab
Portal new
Timemachine new
Time Machine
Antimatter Condenser
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