aka Ciara (NO, not famous)

  • I live in A tiny town- Canton, SD
  • My occupation is A student
  • I am Female, bro
  • The FIRE CAT

    My Status

    December 7, 2014 by The FIRE CAT

    My status for the game (Cookie Clicker) is this: 11,652,900 CpS, 52/159 achievements (2 shadow), 200% milk (Rasberry milk), 54/216 upgrades, 22- wait, 23 golden cookies, Game started 709 hours ago, 124 cursors, 116 grandmas, 96 farms, 84 factories, 76 mines, 65 shipments, 54 alchemy labs, 39 portals, 19 time machines, and 4 antimatter condensers. In all I have 678 buildings. So basically that's my status. Comment with yours. You can ask me any questions.

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