• Superultracookie7777

    I just made Cookie Clicker 2048 today! Cookie2048, if you will.

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  • Superultracookie7777

    Ok, now down to serious business. Cookie Clicker v1.0501 beta is coming soon! So, I did a little experiment. Take the original building prices (excl. new ones) and calculated the payoff time using the new CpS. Here it is!

    Building name Orig. Price New CpS Payoff Time
    Cursor 15 0.1 150 sec
    Grandma 100 1 100 sec
    Farm 500 10 50 sec
    Factory 3k 420 7.143 sec
    Mine 10k 69 144.928 sec
    Shipment 40k 540k 0.074 sec
    Alchemy Lab 200k 3.4m 0.059 sec
    Portal 1.667m 22m 0.076 sec
    Time Machine 123.457m 150m 0.823 sec
    Antimatter Condenser 3.999b 1b 4 sec
    Prism 75b 7.2b 10.417 sec

    The most op? Alchemy labs. Original base price of 200,000 cookies divided by the new CpS of 3,400,000 makes a payoff time of 0.0588235 seconds. In second place are shipments with a payoff time o…

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  • Superultracookie7777

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the cookie archives! I'm your host, superultracookie7777, who is here to teach you (yes, you) about all things cookie! There's not much here yet, but there are biweekly updates so check back soon!

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