aka Trondor

  • I live in The Judgement Hall.
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Blasting.
  • I am The Forgotten Weapon.
  • Judbud

    No one steal this plz...

    I'm moving my save from PC to PC with this blog.


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  • Judbud

    Now, this is a little thing i thought of, and my essay.

    Wrinklers are nasty little things that spawn in the Grandmapocalypse that decrease CpS by 5% until popped.

    However, this does not mean they are bad.  10 wrinklers feeding off of the big cookie gives an effective 6x CpS boost, but this is unnoticeable until they are popped.

    They usualy spawn with a 0.1% each frame, or  a 3% each second. Each wrinkler already eating the big cookie decreases the spawn rate by 1/10, allowing a maximum of 10 wrinklers or 50% CpS decrase.

    This leads to the conclusion that, the somach acid of the wrinklers acctualy INCREASE the size of the food they are eating, and not split it into tiny peices. This leads to another conclusion that wrinklers have no teeth.

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