Hi everyone, I hope some people read this. To put things simply, Cookie Clicker Wiki has all of the sudden become one of the most popular wikis on all of Wikia (we're ranked #15 on WAM, Wikia's metric for determining the popularity of a wiki. This is the go-to place for information on the wildly successful game -- thanks to the site getting set up very quickly, we have nearly all the top Google results for the various keywords associated with Cookie Clicker. We even have the #2 and #3 results for the phrase "Cookie Clicker". Not bad, right?

The issue, though, is that we have no real moderation and no editing community. The quality of the articles is fairly low and we have no editorial standards or policies. Vandalism and inappropriate article comments are everywhere. For a wiki that gets as many visitors as we do, I don't think that's acceptable.

The main obstacle to anything happening is that the founder and only administrator, Betaclay, has not been active in the last three weeks. Lots of people have tried to contact him but he's not been available so far. It's possible he died from clicking too many cookies.

What's clear to me is that we need some new administrators so we can keep the vandalism down and the wiki generally neat. I'm part of the Volunteer Spam TaskForce which means I have a lot of the tools that normal admins have, but it's not ideal and obviously I can't add any other admins to the group. Wikia has an adoption process but that requires the founder to have been inactive for at least 60 days. I'm willing to bet that they'll make an exception given the popularity of this one, but I want to make sure everyone else is okay with that first. I'd put my name forward as a potential bureaucrat as I have a ton of experience over the last four years working on the RuneScape Wiki, but it really doesn't have to be me. I'm happy to let someone else take the lead so long as this place gets cleaned up. After it's adopted, we'd obviously add more admins from the pool of active editors, although how exactly that's done remains to be seen. Does that work for everyone?

The other thing is that we need a manual of style and a way to make editorial/community decisions. Things like:

  • What should the wiki theme and background be? Are we happy with this the matrix of grandmas and otherwise default look? We could make it look much better. What about a favicon? What about the wiki navigation?
  • How much granularity do we want in article types? Should each upgrade and achivement have its own page? Should classic things (buildings) have their own pages or should they be sections of the main articles?
  • Should we allow personal or off-topic images?
  • What kind of language and behavior is appropriate for the article comments?
  • Do we want to utilize the on-site chat?

Feel free to answer these questions below, but we also need a way to make decisions in the future. My preference would be to use the watercooler forum (or maybe blogs) as a place where people can chime in about policies and wiki suggestions. We're basically trying to set the ground rules for what hopefully will be a vibrant editing community for a long time to come. The audience is there, we just need to build everything right.

Please give your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.

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