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    Next steps for this wiki

    September 22, 2013 by Cook Me Plox

    Hi everyone, I hope some people read this. To put things simply, Cookie Clicker Wiki has all of the sudden become one of the most popular wikis on all of Wikia (we're ranked #15 on WAM, Wikia's metric for determining the popularity of a wiki. This is the go-to place for information on the wildly successful game -- thanks to the site getting set up very quickly, we have nearly all the top Google results for the various keywords associated with Cookie Clicker. We even have the #2 and #3 results for the phrase "Cookie Clicker". Not bad, right?

    The issue, though, is that we have no real moderation and no editing community. The quality of the articles is fairly low and we have no editorial standards or policies. Vandalism and inappropriate artic…

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