For a couple years now, There is a trend called Cookie Clicker. Now, there are a few simple things you must know before played.

1 - How to Click A Cookie.

You have to have a Mouse/Trackpad. If you do not have these, How did you get here? If you have a mouse, you set your Right hand on the mouse, Unless it is a mouse for a left handed person, then you use the special mouse. But lets go with a regular mouse. If you have a regular mouse, You set you hand up on it, and simply muse you right hand pointer finger on the left mouse button until you hear a *Click* And then you've clicked.

If you use a Trackpad, then you simply tap the empty space, or you can click the left button on it. That is a very simple way to clik.

2 - How to use Mouse Keys.

If you are like "What are mouse keys?" They are 2 keys on your Numpad on your keyboard that when you tap them it clicks for you. To set these up, Click a few button ,I don't know what they are (GOOGLE IT) Then you set "Mouse Keys on" And go down and find "Use mouse keys if num lock is on/off" You can choose On or Off. I use on just cause.. well... This is about you okay? Once you have all this done, you simply open Cookie Clicker and press the 5 and + on your numpad, you will have to keep clicking, but it is more quiet with mouse keys, and you can click alot faster.

3 - How to Buy The Cursor.

If you look to the right side of cookie clicker you will notice, There is a store. The first item in the store is the Cursor, To buy this you have to click the cookie 15 times (see step 1) Once you have 15 cookies and the Cursor is lit up, you put your mouse cursor over it, and click (again, see step 1). Then you notice that it  gives you 0.1 cookies Per second. Then to help, just keep clicking the cookie until you can buy another. You keep this step going until you can buy the next, to grandma, farm, factory, ect.

4 - Resetting.

So you've been playing for a while, and now you want to reset the progress and you're worried, "Am I gonna just reset everthing and have to start from square one, clicking?!?! Well, Kinda. When you reset, you gain a amount of something called "Heavenly Chips" These chips give you a certain amount  of percentage boost. The more you have, The more boost. You get these from the amount of cookies you've baked before you've reset.( )

5 - Why are you still reading this?

Didn't you notice that this was just a joke page that I just spent 20 minutes typing and just putting up for comedic purposes. Haha, yolo.

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