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  • My occupation is Snake! Snnnaaakkke!!! SSNAAAKKKEEE!!!!
  • I am Jupitirio
  • ClickkkkkCliiiccckkkkCLLIIICCKKKK

    For a couple years now, There is a trend called Cookie Clicker. Now, there are a few simple things you must know before played.

    1 - How to Click A Cookie.

    You have to have a Mouse/Trackpad. If you do not have these, How did you get here? If you have a mouse, you set your Right hand on the mouse, Unless it is a mouse for a left handed person, then you use the special mouse. But lets go with a regular mouse. If you have a regular mouse, You set you hand up on it, and simply muse you right hand pointer finger on the left mouse button until you hear a *Click* And then you've clicked.

    If you use a Trackpad, then you simply tap the empty space, or you can click the left button on it. That is a very simple way to clik.

    2 - How to use Mouse Keys.

    If you a…

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