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Upgrades are game mechanisms introduced in the 1.0 Update. They are additional items within the game that cost cookies to unlock. Once unlocked, each upgrade will provide a special boost to cookie production (or other things) which lasts until you reset (except Elder Pledge, Elder Covenant, and season switches). A list of available upgrades can be found in the 'Store' section in the upper right corner.

Live upgrades

Beta upgrades

Old Beta upgrades

Dungeons Beta upgrades

Prestige Upgrades (Bought for heavenly chips)

Cookies ClickingBuildings
General AchievementsCpSMilkGolden CookiesNews TickerOptionsCheating
Upgrades Multipliers Flavored CookiesKittens
Research GrandmapocalypseWrath CookiesWrinklersShiny Wrinklers
Ascension PrestigeHeavenly ChipsChallenge Mode
Seasons Valentine's DayBusiness DayEasterHalloweenChristmas

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