The Time Machine is the twelfth building in Cookie Clicker. It initially costs 14 trillion cookies. Its base Cps is 65 million per second.


Icon Name Description ID
PocketWatchNew Time warp Have 1 time machine. 61
PinkPocketWatchNew Alternate timeline Have 50 time machines. 62
CyanPocketWatchNew Rewriting history Have 100 time machines. 63
OrangePocketWatchNew Time duke Have 150 time machines. 121
GoldPocketWatchNew Forever and ever Have 200 time machines. 156
RustedPocketWatchNew Heat death Have 250 time machines. 219
BlackPocketWatchNew cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot com [1] Have 300 time machines. 259
WayBackThen Way back then Have 350 time machines. 290
TimeMachine Monument1 v15 Spacetime jigamaroo Make 10 sextillion cookies just from time machines. 142
TimeMachine Monument2 v15 Be kind, rewind Make 10 septillion cookies just from time machines. 200
Dio Déjà vu Make 10 octillion cookies just from time machines. 304
ZaWarudo The long now Reach level 10 time machines. 318


Icon Name Quantity needed Base price (cookies) Description ID
PocketWatchNew Flux capacitors 1 140 trillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"Bake to the future."
PinkPocketWatchNew Time paradox resolver 5 700 trillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"No more fooling around with your own grandmother!"
CyanPocketWatchNew Quantum conundrum 25 7 quadrillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"There is only one constant, and that is universal uncertainty.
Or is it?"
OrangePocketWatchNew Causality enforcer 50 700 quadrillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"What happened, happened."
GoldPocketWatchNew Yestermorrow comparators 100 70 quintillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"Fortnights into milleniums."
RustedPocketWatchNew Far future enactment 150 7 sextillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"The far future enactment authorizes you to delve deep into the future - where civilization has fallen and risen again, and cookies are plentiful."
BlackPocketWatchNew Great loop hypothesis 200 7 septillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"What if our universe is just one instance of an infinite cycle? What if, before and after it, stretched infinite amounts of the same universe, themselves containing infinite amounts of cookies?"
SilverPocketWatchNew Cookietopian moments of maybe 250 7 octillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"Reminiscing how things could have been, should have been, will have been."
Hazelrald Watch Second seconds 300 7 nonillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
"That's twice as many seconds in the same amount of time! What a deal! Also, what in god's name!"

Grandma FormEdit

Purchasing 15 Time Machines allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GrandmaAchieveNew Grandmas' grandmas 15 time machines and 1 grandma 700 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Time machines gain +1% CpS per 10 grandmas.
"A nice grandma's nice grandma to bake double the cookies."

In Cookie Clicker ClassicEdit

Timemachineicon Timemachine
Two images from the Classic version, left: icon shown in the store, right: appearance in the middle field

The Time machine was introduced in the 0.125 update. It costs 123,456,789 cookies, and is the most expensive of all the items, at their base levels. It produces 123,456 cookies per 5 seconds.

Adding 24,691.2 CpS (cookies per second), it is approximately 18.5203 times quicker than the Portal. It also causes some grandmas to wear a pink jumpsuit with a visor, a hover board, and a green rolling pin, leading to the assumption that these grandmas came from the future.

Timemachine new
Images from current version, left for menu, right for in-game appearance


  • You need at least 15 Time Machines to purchase the "Grandmas' Grandmas" upgrade.
  • The Time Machine is based in Marie-Antoniette Watch
  • A time machine is a fictional machine used in numerous works of Science Fiction; the revamped in-field icon loosely resembles the clockpunk designs used in films based on the novel The Time Machine.
  • Until v2, when the prices and yields were readjusted to account for the new buildings, all of the base costs and yields associated with the Time Machine were made up of sequential numbers, counting forwards from 1 to 9, backwards from 9 to 1 or even from 9 down to 4 then up to 9 again.
  • The "Flux Capacitor" upgrade, as well as its flavor text ("Bake to the future"), are references to the 80's classic film "Back to the Future."
  • The "Quantum Conundrum" upgrade and its flavor text are a reference to the 2012 video game of the same name.
  • The flavor text on the "Time Paradox Resolver" upgrade ("No more fooling around with your own grandmother") may be a reference to the show Futurama episode 51 ("Roswell that Ends Well") or to the famous grandfather paradox.

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Time Machine
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