Cookie simulator

Spreadsheet screenshot

Excel 2010 Spreadsheet to simulate and calculate most cost-effective buying item.

The feature of this spreadsheet should be that you can "simulate" and switch any game status, check each cost for each items at the status, see if each item is balanced or not, etc.


The author of this spreadsheet is Blazar. Please attribute the work if you want to share any variation based on this spreadsheet.

After creating version 1.0375's version, Blazar announced he would discontinue regular updates of the Spreadsheet Simulator.  Other users have been encouraged to continue updates on their own.  For example, Tree_Pangolin has published an update for version 1.0383.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Most recent

Tree_Pangolin converted the 1.0375 version to work with 1.0383 and added new features, such as heavenly chip calculator, frenzy CpS calculator, and maximum amount possible from Lucky golden cookie bonus with and without frenzy.

Updated to version 1.0375.

Recent change

- Update for 1.0375:

  • Add 1.0375 new Upgrades.
  • Drasitcally fix formulas, especially thanks to comments advised from User:Eveigh and User:ReverendTed.
  • Replace IFERROR(formula, falseAction) to IF(ISERROR(formula), falseAction, formula)), hope this can help OpenOffice users.
  1. DIV/0 error now should display "N/A" (Not available).
  • All CpS in column C is after multiplier now, so find minimum next+return time for Buildings should be correct now. I've checked as far as I can that all column C should be the real CpS increase for each Upgrades and Buildings.
  • Rename total CpS to total raw CpS in column L for Buildings to reflect that it is before multiplier for each building. Total raw CpS is what you see in game Statistics. like in this pic .
  • Add base CpS for each Building, after its own multiplier, in column I.
  • Add reset and all-bought game status in column O and P to ease inputing game status. You can copy O6 to O132 and paste to F6 to F132 by value to reset, or paste P6 to P132 if all upgrades except Elder Covenant are bought. Of course you still need to input milk and heavenly chips yourself.


Full excel screenshot in action :

Corresponding game status for verifying above :


Enter your game status only in blue cells :

  • Enter number of each building you have, just enter what you see on buttons in game.
  • Set bought upgrades 1. (0=not bought, 1 = bought)
  • Input milk % and heavenly chips you have. Number of achievements is deduced from milk %.

The figures should be exactly same as what you see in game Statistics.

(But in few cases the precision after some digits would be wrong, I'm not sure what's the cause, and only happen for some combination of game status. I guess it's floating point arithmetic problem)


Spreadsheet Simulator for Cookie Clicker 1.0383  - Tree_Pangolin

Spreadsheet Simulator for Cookie Clicker 1.0375  - Blazar

Format is Excel 2010(.xlsx), using older version of Office or OpenOffice may not function properly.

It only uses function in excel, data validation, and conditional format. No VBA macros.



To avoid spreading too many different files, I will only upload new versions of the spreadsheet when there have been changes to the game.

The Excel simulator is designed to allow easy changing of values, though.

Therefore, for value discrepancies, users may need to change green cells themselves.

Buying StrategyEdit

Buy most cost-effective item with least next time + return time, where next time = cost/current_cps, and return time = cost/cps_increase_from_item.

The most cost-effective item is shown below "Next to buy" cell.

See here for the derivation of formula MIN(next+return)

Note: in late-game where cost is not an issue, you may want to just buy largest CpS-increasing item, regardless of the most cost-effective item. The largest CpS-increasing item is now labeled with color to facilitate this.


  • About CpS increase of an upgrade:
    • Increase is zero if you bought the upgrade (blue cell set 1)
    • Increase is zero if your game status is not met requirement of the upgrade.
      • For example, Quintillion fingers requires 200 Cursors, if your number of Cursors is below 200, then this upgrade is disabled, and its CpS increase is zero.
  • How to auto adjust column width to fit content size (to display number become ###):
    • Example:
    • Hover mouse on right-edge of column you want to auto resize width. (Red line in the pic, mouse should become a double ended arrow) and double click.