This spreadsheet gives a visual overview of the value of each upgrade.


The author of this spreadsheet is Ishuk. Please attribute the work if you want to share any variation based on this spreadsheet.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

How to useEdit

To use the sheet you only need to edit the amount column. You can download the spreadsheet here:

To hide or show owned upgrades, go to the view ribbon and click custom views (Excel 2010 at least, might be different in other versions)

To DoEdit

- Support for clicks.

- Improve the following golden cookie calculations

  • Average spawn time
  • Percentages
  • Cookie chains
  • Get lucky cps calculation
  • Elder covenant cost/hour

- Improve support for programs other than Excel

  • Invert value bars and numbers
  • Add highlighting or percentages to value bars

- Add heavenly chip calculations

Change logEdit

Update 18: Support for v. 1.0383

Update 17: Support for v. 1.0375

Update 16: Fixed a bug where the golden cookie upgrades were overvalued in the beginning.

Update 15: Fixed a calculation error. Now shows the amount gained from a Lucky golden cookie.

Update 14: Support for v. 1.036

Update 13: Added support for golden cookies.

Update 12: New design for the upgrade list. It should now be easier to find the upgrade you're looking for. Also fixed a small error in the portal cps calculation.

Update 11: Fixed Heavenly Chip calculation.

Update 10: Support for v. 1.035.

Update 9: Added way to hide owned upgrades. This method is clunky, but the best I could do without macros.

Update 8: Corrected the cost of all the upgrades.

Update 7: Updated the cps calculations to take bonuses into account. Should now give a more accurate representation of the value of each upgrade.

Update 6: Support for v. 1.034

Update 5: Fixed some errors. Works for v. 1.033.

Update 4: Support for v. 1.032. Fixed some calculation errors. Cleaned up the formulas.

Update 3: Support for v. 1.031.

Update 2: Total cps calculation corrected.

Update 1: Support for v. 1.03.

Release: Support for v. 1.029.

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