This add-on is broken or outdated and won't work with current version of Cookie Clicker.

Should I Reset? is a utility to assist a decision on whether or not to reset the game (via the Reset command on the Menu tab) to obtain Heavenly chips.

Features Edit

As of the current version, it displays the following:

  • Goal: The number of heavenly chips desired.
  • Change: Number of additional heavenly chips. required to reach that amount on reset.
  • Remaining: Number of cookies required to reach that number of chips.
  • Per Second: If you reset when you have that number of Heavenly chips, you will have that CpS.
  • No Reset: The amount of time to reach a given HC if you don't reset.
  • Reset Now: The amount of time to reach a given HC if you reset. Excludes time to rebuild CpS.
  • Time Difference: Amount of time saved.

Supported versions Edit

Only the following versions are supported at this time:

  • 1.0383
  • 1.0393
  • 1.0402
  • 1.0403
  • 1.0411

External links Edit

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