This add-on is broken or outdated and won't work with current version of Cookie Clicker.

Should I Reset? is a utility to assist a decision on whether or not to reset the game (via the Reset command on the Menu tab) to obtain Heavenly chips.


As of the current version, it displays the following:

  • Goal: The number of heavenly chips desired.
  • Change: Number of additional heavenly chips. required to reach that amount on reset.
  • Remaining: Number of cookies required to reach that number of chips.
  • Per Second: If you reset when you have that number of Heavenly chips, you will have that CpS.
  • No Reset: The amount of time to reach a given HC if you don't reset.
  • Reset Now: The amount of time to reach a given HC if you reset. Excludes time to rebuild CpS.
  • Time Difference: Amount of time saved.

Supported versionsEdit

Only the following versions are supported at this time:

  • 1.0383
  • 1.0393
  • 1.0402
  • 1.0403
  • 1.0411

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