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The Cookie Clicker Optimizer is a web page that can be used to optimize your Cookie Clicker play. The web application helps you to determine which buildings or upgrades to purchase next in addition to providing other useful information needed to take most out of your CpS.

There are no requirements to open spreadsheets or run javascript in your Cookie Clicker, which makes it safer to use and keeps your original Cookie Clicker experience intact. Riimu's Cookie Clicker Optimizer aims to be highly informative without being intrusive.

Riimu's Cookie Clicker Optimizer can be found at


To help you in your cookie clicking endeavor, the web application provides these main features:

  • Importing your save from Cookie Clicker makes it both fast and easy to use
  • Suggestions on what buildings or upgrades to buy next
  • The effects on Pledges and Covenant on your CpS
  • The maximum amount of cookies you can earn from Lucky
  • Calculator to determine heavenly chips
  • Click speed test to help you determine how fast you can click the cookie
  • Save viewer to view and share your cookie clicker statistics


The web application has been authored by User:Riimu. The application runs server side, and Riimu has chosen not to publish source code.

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