This add-on is broken or outdated and won't work with current version of Cookie Clicker.

(FOR CHEAT TO WORK, USE WITH TAMPERMONKEY) This cheat interface will allow you to cheat without any interaction with the console. None of the hacks give 'cheated cookies taste awful'. I'm willing to make the more complete cheat interface possible so if you feel like a feature is missing in it and not in my to-do list feel free to tell me what it is :)

Compatible with: Firefox 25 (W7), Chrome 30 (W7), Internet Explorer 10 (W7), Firefox 24 (W8)

Incompatible with IE8 (like the CookieClicker itself), Mozilla Firefox 17 and with CookieClicker v1.037 Beta

The current version is Mod 1.2

Old version is Beta 1.1 and can be found here: [http://]

The current features of this cheat interface are:

•Give cookies: Give you the amount of cookies wanted or set your amount to it if "fixed" is checked.

•Auto-click big cookie: Click the large cookie at the desired speed. Option for hide autoclicker for autoclick detector.

•Auto-click golden cookies: automatically click the golden cookies when they appear, if "Spawn interval time" is checked it will spawn golden cookies at the desired speed without waiting for them to appear in game speed and click automatically. Option for autoclick also Red cookies (as they are "golden"). Show time in seconds when next cookie should appear.

•Spawn a golden cookie: spawn a golden cookie with the desired effect (any= selected randomly as usual) WARNING: the effect will be applied on all the golden cookies, the legit ones as well as the cheated ones. Option for autoclick bick cookie when ClickFrenzy golden cookie clicked & option to hide autoclicker from autoclicker detector.

•Create a frenzy: Allows you to create your very own frenzy, you decide how many time it will last and it's power.

•Change the game started value: For those who like to boast about "being here before it was cool".

•Change Legacy started time (game started 1st time)

•Set game FpS (Frames per Second). WARNING: This may mess game speed and cause lag to computer.

•Get Heavenly Chips: Give you the amount of Heavenly Chips wanted or set your amount to it if "fixed" is checked. Show current H.C. and forfeited cookies.

•Set Milk level: Set the percentage of Milk you have. Show current milk level as 100% = 1.

•Hack upgrades: Allows you to toggle on or off the upgrades of your choice. You can also toggle all upgrades.

•Hack achievements: Allows you to toggle on the achievements of your choice. You can also toggle all upgrades. WARNING: if you win an achievement naturally it will not display it as unlocked until you toggle an achievement or enable 'Hack achievements' again

•Autobuy: Automatically buy the item  with the greatest income per cookies. Option to set autobuy upgrades on/off. Option to set amount of cookies kept in safe from autobuyer to maximize Lucky golden cookie. Option to keep cookies safe even when there is x7 frenzy.

•Auto-popping wrinkles. Option to spawn wanted amount (1-10) wrinkles. Show how many wrinkles you have popped all the time.

•Hack buildings: You can set the quantity of the building of your choice to the amount you want and set the price to 0 by checking "set price to 0". (It won't work if the price is "infinity"). Option to set base price for wanted building or all of them. Option to reset base prices to default. You can either only set building price(s) or get wanted amount of buildings. Option to set how much price grow when you buy buildings. Default is 1.15 = 15% increment to previous price.

•Instant research: Research is instant (time is 0). Option to set time how long it will take to research next upgrade after Bingo center/Research facility.

•Custom pledges: You can create your own pledge, you can also set it to be auto-buy as soon as another is available by enabling "autobuy pledge"

•Panic button: Press P to toggle OFF PureCookie including all auto-click or autobuy functions (with IE 10 it does not turn cheat menu hidden). Press O to toggle cheat menu ON (unhide). 

•Antilag: If cookie clicker have a lag of 500ms or more due to either autoclick, autogolden or autobuy, it will stop it. you can disable it in the top bar.

•Autoupdate: the cheat menu (and the stats one) automatically update the values and the buttons, you can disable it in the top bar.

•Autosave: the vanilla game automatically save each 30 seconds, you can now disable it in the top bar.

•Save: you can save or load the PureCookie's configuration. You can delete it too.

Thanks to Graou13 to build this and inspired me to improve it. And thanks to this wiki admins to let people learn JavaScript by showing codes and tools on the pages. 

Bugs and feature talking in comments, please. Edited by Pethor.

Features to comeEdit

The features I've put on my to-do list:

- Do upper menu for tools, cheat and config and categorize them better to shorter view

- Fix visual effects

- Put load of stats in same page in categorized table

- Selectable phase when popping wrinkles (current = touch the cookie).

-Improve Autobuy so it take achievements into account. (done)

-(maybe sometime in the future) add utilities. (done)

Installing Mod 1.2

There are few ways to do this:

1) copy script from here, open Console to your browser using hints here and paste script to the console (with IE you need to click also [Run script] button).

2) Write / copy this to the console:
var script = document.createElement('script'); script.setAttribute('src',''); document.body.appendChild(script);

3) Use GreaseMonkey script:

Installing Beta 1.1Edit

The easiest way is to paste this code in the console.

you can also use the greasemonkey script if you want it to load automatically:

Older VersionsEdit

Beta 1.0

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