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Some of the other platforms "Cookie Clicker" is going to be on.


An anonymous user privately talked to Orteil and asked him the following question:

[2:49:14 AM] Anonymous: "I think that you should create a mobile version of the game called 'Cookie Tapper'."

13 seconds later, Orteil sent this response:

[2:49:27 AM] orteil42: "well yes, a mobile version is in the works"

Another Anonymous user asked Orteil: "Why are you doing Android first instead of iOS?"

Orteil answered: "Very simply because I don’t have an iPhone, which means I’m not familiar with the platform and it’ll make testing difficult."

On August 18th, Orteil announced on his blog that he was working on a mobile app version of the game.

There are also unofficial versions of Cookie Clicker like this one and this one . And in AppStore . And Cookie Clickers and Nuts Rising.

Other PlatformsEdit

More information coming soon.

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