Milk is a valuable resource which unlocks the Kitten series of upgrades that greatly increase cookie output rate in direct correlation to the amount of Milk the player has. Milk is gained by unlocking normal (non-Shadow) Achievements at a rate of 4% milk per Achievement. As of version 2.0045, the total number of normal achievements that count towards milk is 322 and the maximum attainable Milk amount is 1,288%.


Old caramel milk.

The Milk is represented by a wave-animated overlay at the bottom of the Big Cookie partition. The overlay gradually gains height as the Milk percentage increases. The milk changes color and name when the Milk percentage reaches a new hundred, although this has no effect on cookie production. New Milk types and Kitten Upgrades have been introduced with new Achievements and the consequential higher possible Milk levels.


Old raspberry milk.


A partial list of milk "flavors" by milk percentage: (as of v.2.0.0045)

Milk % Achievements Rank Flavor
0% - 99% 0 - 24 I (Plain) Milk
100% - 199% 25 - 51 II Chocolate Milk
200% - 299% 52 - 74 III Raspberry Milk
300% - 399% 75 - 103 IV Orange Milk
400% - 499% 104 - 127 V Caramel Milk
500% - 599% 128 - 149 VI Banana Milk
600% - 699% 150 - 174 VII Lime Milk
700% - 799% 175 - 199 VIII Blueberry Milk
800% - 899% 200 - 224 IX Strawberry Milk
900% - 999% 225 - 249 X Vanilla Milk
1000%+ 250+ XI Honey Milk

With the "Fanciful dairy selection" heavenly upgrade, 8 more types of Milk can be chosen from at will - Zebra Milk, Cosmic Milk, Flaming Milk, Sanguine Milk, Midas Milk, Midnight Milk, Green Inferno Milk, and Frostfire Milk. These new types of Milk are unique in introducing not only new colors, but new patterns to the Milk.


Icon Name Quantity needed Base price (cookies) Description Milk factor ID
CatNew Kitten helpers 13 Achievements
(52% Milk)
9 million You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"meow may I help you"
0.1 31
PinkCatNew Kitten workers 25 Achievements
(100% Milk)
9 billion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"meow meow meow meow"
0.125 32
CyanCatNew Kitten engineers 50 Achievements
(200% Milk)
90 trillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"meow meow meow meow, sir"
0.15 54
OrangeCatNew Kitten overseers 75 Achievements
(300% Milk)
90 quadrillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"my purrpose is to serve you, sir"
0.175 108
GoldCatNew Kitten managers 100 Achievements
(400% Milk)
900 quintillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"that's not gonna paws any problems, sir"
0.2 187
RustedCatNew Kitten accountants 125 Achievements
(500% Milk)
900 sextillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"business going great, sir"
0.2 320
BlackCatNew Kitten specialists 150 Achievements
(600% Milk)
900 septillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"optimeowzing your workflow like whoah, sir"
0.2 321
SilverCatNew Kitten experts 175 Achievements
(700% Milk)
900 octillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"10 years expurrrtise in the cookie business, sir"
0.2 322
Kitten Consultants Kitten consultants 200 Achievements
(800% Milk)
900 nonillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"glad to be overpaid to work with you, sir"
0.2 425
Kitten assistants to the regional manager Kitten assistants to the regional manager 225 Achievements
(900% Milk)
900 decillion You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"nothing stresses meowt... except having to seek the approval of my inferiors, sir"
0.2 442
Kitten angels Kitten angels "Dominions" heavenly upgrade purchased 9,000 Heavenly Chips You gain more CpS the more milk you have.
"All cats go to heaven."
0.1 291
Each kitten has a certain factor to milk percentage and provides a total production multiplier. These effects stack multiplicatively. For example, if you have Kitten helpers and Kitten engineers. With 160% Milk, Kitten helpers multiply production by 1+1.6*0.1=1.16 and Kitten engineers multiply production by 1+1.6*0.15=1.24. Combined these two multipliers you will get 1.16*1.24=1.4384 total production multipliers.

Besides kittens, there are other factors relative to milk bonus.

milk multipliers
Santa's milk and cookies 1.05
Breath of Milk 1.05
Mokalsium, Mother Spirit 1.1/1.06/1.03

The Santa's milk and cookies upgrade and Breath of Milk dragon aura makes Milk 5% more powerful, and Mokalsium, Mother Spirit makes kittens 10/6/3% more effective for different slots. These are multipliers to the Milk percentage for each kitten bonus, and are identical to each other and stack with each other. So in the above example, 160% would be replaced with 160%*1.05=168% with one of Santa's and aura effect, or 160%*1.05*1.05*1.1=194.04% with all three effect when Mokalsium been placed in the diamond slot.

As of version 2.0042, the max effective milk percentage can be achieved is 1288%*1.05*1.05*1.1=1562.022% and the max milk multipliers possible is (1+15.62022*0.1)*(1+15.62022*0.125)*(1+15.62022*0.15)*(1+15.62022*0.175)*(1+15.62022*0.2)^5*(1+15.62022*0.1)=288560.85

This image shows the multipliers for each kitten upgrade, based on the milk percentage. In each group of 3 lines, the bottom line is the base multiplier, the middle line is the multiplier with either Santa's milk and cookies or Breath of Milk, and the top line is the multiplier with both. In the endgame, each of the last 4 kitten upgrades triples production.


This image shows the multiplier for the Breath of Milk dragon aura, based on the milk percentage and which kitten upgrades are active. In each group of 4 lines, grouped by color, the bottom line is the base multiplier, the next line is the multiplier with Santa's milk and cookies, the next line is the multiplier with Kitten angels, and the top line is the multiplier with both. The lines for each kitten upgrade assume that all previous kitten upgrades are active as well. Also, since Breath of Milk and Santa's milk and cookies have identical effects, their meanings on the chart can be swapped.

Dunking the CookieEdit

The Cookie-dunker Achievement is gained by accumulating enough Milk and adjusting the browser window in a way that the Big Cookie is overlayed by the Milk graphic on a sizable area. This can be done by zooming in a lot or reducing the height of the page for instance, pressing F12.

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