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  • Hey, would you mind if I make an extra section at the bottom of your page about either my edited version of your spreadsheet or the manual upgrade procedure that I had made from your version an "Advanced" edition of your spreadsheet, that I've been maintaining for some time? I also have added notes on my page here about most of the changes I've made. 

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  • I combed through the spreadsheet and hopefully fixed most of the bugs. The cps for the buildings needed a lot of work. I was unsure if multiplying the “next time” for the buildings by 1.5 was intentional but I took it out anyway. I also calculated a new formula for determining the best item to buy next. It should somewhat follow the original order except this one won’t tell you to buy something that takes 3 days to save up for just because its cps is very high. So overall it’s more time efficient.  

    You can use the attached spreadsheet however you want; I don’t need any recognition. If you have any questions my email is:

    Change log:

    New formula for calculating “Next to buy”                                                (E6:E102)

    “next time” for buildings made accurate                                                  (K6:K14)

    “total cps” calculated independently from “cps”                                      (L6:L14)

    Added calculation for “cps” added by “Multiplier”                                  (C6:C14)

    Fixed calculation for “cps” added by fingers upgrades                         (C7:C14)

    Fixed calculation for “cps” added by “grandma base per # grandma”         C7

    Added calculation for “cps” added by “Elder Pact” upgrade                 C13

    Fixed “cps” calculation for “Global Linear Multiplier”                                                             (C69:C85),C87,C88,C90,C92,C94

    Fixed “cps” calculation for “Global Exponential Multiplier”                    (C96:C98)

    New formula explanation:

    The goal is to minimize the time it takes to buy all the Items so


    Initial Income = x

    Income increase = cps

    Investment = c

    Total time it takes to buy 2 items can be determined by the following formula:

    c1 / x + c2 / (x + cps1) or c2 / x + c1 / (x + cps2)

    Let’s assume item 1 is a better choice than item 2. That would mean:

    (c1 / x + c2 / (x + cps1)) < (c2 / x + c1 / (x + cps2))

    This can be simplified to:

    (c1 * (1 / x + 1 / cps1)) < (c2 * (1 / x + 1 / cps2))

    And the formula used in the spreadsheet is:

    MIN(c * (1 / x + 1 / cps))

    This formula shows that when “x” is small “c” will matter more than “c / cps”.

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    • Just figure out that we can divide MIN c*(1+x/cps) by x, since x is positive and invariant for all items, then we can get objective as MIN c(1/x + 1/cps) = MIN c/x + c/cps.

      Which lead to this intepretation:

      c/x is the next time of item. (How long it requires to buy item from 0 cookies with current x)

      c/cps is the return time of item. (How long it requires to get back to the same amount of cookie before buying the item, with the cps increase from item)

      So it becomes a simple objective: best buying = minimal (next time + return time) among all items.

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    • What bug fixes dont you understand? I'd be happy to explane. And read all the comments here. I already explaned your above comment to someone.

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  • Hi, welcome to Cookie Clicker Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:Cookie simulator.png page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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