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Screen Shot 1
Heavenly Calc v1.1
RazieltakatoAdded by Razieltakato
Heavenly Calc is an application to help you with your prestiges. It can calculate the amount of Heavenly Chips you will get when reset, and the amount of Cookies needed to earn a certain number of Heavenly Chips.

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Screen Shot 2
RazieltakatoAdded by Razieltakato

Heavenly Calc 1.1

Previous versionsEdit

Heavenly Calc 1.0


2013.09.11 - version 1.1

  • Updated the maximum number that the application can support from 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 to 1.79769313486232×10294;
  • Removed the mask from the textbox;
    Screen Shot 3
    "How many" calculation
    RazieltakatoAdded by Razieltakato
  • Added protection to handle negative numbers;
  • Fixed the format of the How Much Cookies you will need number;
  • Added info of how much cookies lack to the next Heavenly Chip;

2013.09.10 - version 1.0

  • first release.

Calculator versionEdit

The input screen
MrDyl4n2Added by MrDyl4n2

There is also a clone made on an actual calculator.

(Should work on most TI devices) Mediafire download

Please send feedback to MrDyl4n2 , or my Reddit account MrDyl4n

Future versions:

In the future version you will be able to input how many heavenly chips you want and it will tell you how many you need. I have this made but can't upload it now

After inputting number of cookies
MrDyl4n2Added by MrDyl4n2
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