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The Grimoire is a minigame added on July 15 2017, Version 2.0034. It is acquired by spending one sugar lump on Wizard Towers.

It has several spells that can be cast:

Spell Magic Cost Chance to Backfire Effect Backfire

Conjure Baked Goods

40% of max magic, 7 minimum 15% Summon half an hour worth of your CpS, capped at 15% of your cookies owned. Trigger a 15-minute clot and lose 15 minutes of CpS.
Force the Hand of Fate 60% of max magic, 15 minimum 15% Summon a random golden cookie. Each existing golden cookie makes this spell +15% more likely to backfire. Summon an unlucky wrath cookie.
Stretch Time 20% of max magic, 20 minimum 15% All active buffs gain 10% more time (up to 5 more minutes). All active buffs are shortened by 20% (up to 10 minutes shorter).
Spontaneous Edifice 90% of max magic, 100 minimum 15% Gain a random free building from those you already have. The building cannot be your highest-built one (unless it is your only one) and will not go over 400. Lose a random building.
Haggler's Charm 20% of max magic, 20 minimum 15% Upgrades are 2% cheaper for 1 minute. Upgrades are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Summon Crafty Pixies 40% of max magic, 25 minimum 15% Buildings are 2% cheaper for 1 minute. Buildings are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Gambler's Fever Dream 5% of max magic, 3 minimum 15% Cast a random spell at half the magic cost, with twice the chance of backfiring.
Resurrect Abomination 10% of max magic, 30 minimum 15% Instantly summon a wrinkler if conditions are fulfilled. Pop one of your wrinklers.
Diminish Ineptitude 15% of max magic, 20 minimum 15% Spells backfire 10 times less for the next 5 minutes. Spells backfire 5 times more for the next 10 minutes.

Each spell costs magic to use. Your maximum amount of magic varies depending on your amount of wizard towers, and their level. Magic refills over time. The lower your magic meter, the slower it refills.

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