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Grandma icon in the store
Initial Price 100
Base CPS 0.5
Max CPS (0.8+(g/25)+(p/20))*2^18

Where g=grandmas and p=portals.

In-Game Description A nice grandma to bake more cookies.
Introduction Cookie Clicker Classic
For the same building in Cookie Clicker Classic, see Grandma (Cookie Clicker Classic).

The Grandma is the main antagonist of Cookie Clicker Classic and the 1.0 Update, and the second cheapest building you can purchase with an initial cost of 100 cookies. She produces cookies at a base rate of 0.5 cookies per second.

Unlike the building before it and after it, Grandmas progress with later buildings very well with the grandma type upgrades, most of which double its efficiency but require 15 or more of a superior building to purchase, and sometimes can be quite expensive, up to 7,500,000,000,000 cookies for Rainbow Grandmas.  After all upgrades, each grandma has a cps of 104857.6 herself, not counting the bonuses from One mind, Communal brainsweep, and Elder Pact.

Once you get all the grandma types up to Grandma's Grandmas (requiring 15 time machines and costing 12,345,678,900 cookies), you unlock the Bingo Center/Research Facility, which (as of 1.036) is currently the only upgrade to make a building four times as efficient, although its price of 100,000,000,000 cookies means it'll be a while until it's worth the cost. This will unlock a new upgrade after 30 minutes (research only starting once the last item researched is purchased), including five multiplier upgrades (Specialized Chocolate Chips for +1% and costing 10,000,000,000 cookies, Designer Cocoa Beans for +2% and costing 20,000,000,000 cookies, Underworld Ovens for +3% and costing 80,000,000,000 cookies, Exotic Nuts for +4% and costing 320,000,000,000 cookies, and Arcane Sugar for +5% and costing 1,280,000,000,000 cookies), one upgrade to double Grandma efficiency (Ritual Rolling Pins for 40,000,000,000 cookies), and three upgrades to greatly increase Grandma output but start the Grandmapocalypse (One Mind for 160,000,000,000 cookies and Communal Brainsweep for 640,000,000,000 cookies, which each give each grandma +1 BASE CpS per 50 grandmas, and Elder Pact for 2,560,000,000,000 cookies which gives each grandma +1 BASE CpS per 20 portals. After all the doubling upgrades those figures are a LOT higher than that.)

In theory, fully upgraded Grandmas are the most efficient building a player can buy because they have a CpS based on the number of Grandmas purchased. That is, the Grandma's CpS rate increases as a square where other CpS rates increase linearly. However, the crossover point where Grandmas outperform the best other building, the Prism, requires purchasing so many grandmas that it is impossible even via cheating, since the price would be much higher than JavaScript (which Cookie Clicker is written in) can store.

Each fully upgraded grandma produces cookies according to the following formula:

(0.8 + \frac{GrandmaCount}{25} + \frac{PortalCount}{20}) \times (2^{18})
209715.2+grandma*10485.76+portal count*13107.2


Icon Name Description  ID 
GrandmaAchieve Just wrong Sell a grandma.
"I thought you loved me."
RollingPin Grandma's cookies Have 1 grandma. 40
GoldRollingPin Sloppy kisses Have 50 grandmas. 41
PinkRollingPin Retirement home Have 100 grandmas. 42
DiamondRollingPin Friend of the ancients Have 150 grandmas. 101
Ach RulerOfAncients Ruler of the ancients Have 200 grandmas. 102
The old never bothered me anyway The old never bothered me anyway Have 250 grandmas. 149
RollingPin Gushing grannies Make 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas. 135
GrandmaAchieve Elder Own at least 7 grandma types. 81


Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
RollingPin Forwards from grandma 1 1,000 Grandmas gain +0.3 base CpS.
"RE:RE:thought you'd get a kick out of this ;))"
RollingPin Steel-plated rolling pins 10,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Just what you kneaded."
GoldRollingPin Lubricated dentures 10 100,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
PinkRollingPin Prune juice 50 5,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Gets me going."
DiamondRollingPin Double-thick glasses 100 100,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Oh... so THAT's what I've been baking."
Ach RulerOfAncients Aging agents 200 800,000,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"Counter-intuitively, grandmas have the uncanny ability to become more powerful the older they get."
GrandmaAchieve Farmer grandmas 15 farms 50,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice farmer to grow more cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Worker grandmas 15 factories 300,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice worker to manufacture more cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Miner grandmas 15 mines 1,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice miner to dig more cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Cosmic grandmas 15 shipments 4,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice thing to... uh... cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Transmuted grandmas 15 alchemy labs 20,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice golden grandma to convert into more cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Altered grandmas 15 portals 166,666,600 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"a NiCe GrAnDmA tO bA##########"
GrandmaAchieve Grandmas' grandmas 15 time machines 12,345,678,900 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A nice grandma's nice grandma to bake double the cookies."
GrandmaAchieve Antigrandmas 15 anti­matter condensers 399,999,999,900 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A mean antigrandma to vomit more cookies.
(Do not put in contact with normal grandmas; loss of matter may occur.)"
GrandmaAchieve Rainbow grandmas 15 prisms 7,500,000,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"A luminous grandma to sparkle into cookies."

Since the 1.032 update, grandmas now have varying appearances based off the above upgrades.

Grandmas have a specific Santa upgrade.

Icon Name Unlocked at Price (cookies) Description ID #
Naughty list Naughty list purchasing A festive hat or a Santa upgrade 2,525 Grandmas are twice as productive.
"This list contains every unholy deed perpetuated by grandmakind. He won't be checking this one twice. Once. Once is enough."

The Bingo Center/Research Facility can also unlock new upgrades for grandma. Although these upgrades can make grandmas more powerful, they would unlock the Grandmapocalypse as well. The following is a list of all upgrades for Grandma, unlocked in the Bingo Center/Research Facility.

Icon Name Price (cookies) Description
Bingo Bingo center/research facility 100,000,000,000 Grandma-operated science lab and leisure club. Grandmas are 4 times as efficient.
Regularly unlocks new upgrades.
Cookieclicker Ritual rolling pins 40,000,000,000 Grandmas are twice as efficient.
"The result of years of scientific research!"
Cookieclicker2 One mind 160,000,000,000 Each Grandma gains +1 base Cps for each 50 grandmas.
Note: the grandmothers are growing restless. Do not encourage them.
"We are one. We are many."
Brainsweep Communal brainsweep 640,000,000,000 Each Grandma gains +1 base Cps for each 50 grandmas.
Note: proceeding any further in scientific research may have unexpected results. You have been warned.
"We fuse. We merge. We grow."
GrandmaDeathSkull Elder Pact 2,560,000,000,000 Each Grandma gains +1 base CpS for each 20 portals.
Note: this is a bad idea.
"squirm crawl slither writhe today we rise"

Background changes during GrandmapocalypseEdit

Main article: Grandmapocalypse

Changes from one stage to another can be obtained by the One Mind, Communal Brainsweep and Elder Pact upgrade. Once they're appeased, the background will change back to normal temporarily.

Store icon changes during the GrandmapocalypseEdit

Since version 1.0393, the store icon for Grandmas will change depending on the state of the Grandmapocalypse.

When the Grandmatriarchs are appeased, the store icon will change back to normal.


  • In the end, once you reach the "cap" of grandmas and portals, grandmas will be producing 59,177,697.28 cookies each (Over a third of a fully upgraded prism), or 298,610,660,474.88 total.
  • If you hacked and lag was eliminated, a grandma could produce 1.5876e+307 (1.5876 uncentillion) cookies per second.
  • The bunny grandmas are a direct reference to the science-fiction movie Donnie Darko.
  • In Cookie Clicker, Grandma has certain quotes that she will say. The table below states the conditions to obtain the quotes and the quotes themselves:
Condition Quote(s)
When you own at least 1 "Moist cookies."
"We're nice grandmas."
"Indentured servitude"
"Come give grandma a kiss."
"Why don't you visit more often?"
"Call me..."

When you own 50 or more

(all these AND above ones)

"Absolutely disgusting."
"You make me sick."
"You disgust me."
"We rise."
"It begins."
"It'll all be over soon."

"You could have stopped it."

While the Elder Pledge is active "shrivel"
"We will rise again."
"A mere setback."
"We are not satiated."
"Too late."

After selling at least one grandma

"It has betrayed us, the filthy little thing."

"It tried to get rid of us, the nasty little thing."

"It thought we would go away by selling us. How quaint." 

"I can smell your rotten cookies."

  • Grandma's store icon and one of her quotes, "Moist cookies" are based on an image macro which is in turn based on Helen Thomas, a former member of the White House press corps.
  • There is still a possibility of obtaining the nice quotes after you have over 49 grandmas, however, they also say mean and rather creepy things, even without selling them.
  • The quotes "It has betrayed us, the filthy little thing." and "It tried to get rid of us, the nasty little thing." are based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings character, Gollum. 
  • The achievement 'The old never bothered me anyway' is based on the Disney movie 'Frozen', in which the character Elsa (voiced by Idina Mezel) sang the song 'Let it go'. 
  • In Cookie Clicker Beta grandmas can upgrade every building. 


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