Like all games, Cookie Clicker too has its own glitches. Here you can find a list of all that have been found so far.

Description Summary of how to replicate its

Mr.mega hacker😈

Big cookie moving to the right one pixel Move your mouse over the big cookie so it gets bigger. Then move your mouse away and slowly back. It should move to the right a little.
Glitchy version

Right-click anywhere on the page, and select 'save as'. You would create a file. Open that document. An Internet page containing only the graphical information is opened.

Note: Your Cookie Clicker progress would not be affected.

Bouncing golden cookie

After the reindeers stops appearing, or shortly after loading the game when it is impossible for a reindeer to appear without any form of cheating. Using the command 'Game.seasonPopup.spawn()' Would spawn a bouncing golden cookie instead of a reindeer. The golden cookie would do nothing whatsoever when clicked, as it counts as neither a reindeer nor a golden cookie. In order to spawn a reindeer during that amount of time, use the command: 

Game.seasonPopup.time = Game.seasonPopup.maxTime;

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