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Farm icon in the store
Initial Price 500
Base CPS 4
Max CPS 160
In-Game Description Grows cookie plants from cookie seeds.
Introduction 1.0 Update

The Farm is the third cheapest building you can purchase and has an initial cost of 500 cookies. It produces cookies at a base rate of 4 (as of v1.0375) cookies per second. 100 farms cost roughly 3,914,374,835 cookies.


Farms can be made to become more productive by purchasing the following upgrades from the store:

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GreenWateringCan Cheap hoes 1 5,000 Farms gain +1 base CpS.
"Rake in the dough!"
GreenWateringCan Fertilizer 50,000 Farms are twice as efficient.
"It's chocolate, I swear."
GoldWateringCan Cookie trees 10 500,000 Farms are twice as efficient.
"A relative of the breadfruit."
PinkWateringCan Genetically-modified cookies 50 25,000,000 Farms are twice as efficient.
"All-natural mutations."
DiamondWateringCan Gingerbread scarecrows 100 500,000,000 Farms are twice as efficient.
"Staring at your crops with mischievous glee."
Ach HomeGrown Pulsar sprinklers 200 4,000,000,000,000 Farms are twice as efficient.
"There's no such thing as over-watering. The moistest is the bestest."


  • You need at least 15 farms to purchase the Farmer Grandmas upgrade.
  • Farms have the lowest CpS of any fully upgraded Building when a reasonably large number of Buildings have been purchased, meaning that their greatest use later on is improving the CpS of fully upgraded Cursors. The 150th Farm costs 533 billion cookies but only increases the output of Farms by 20 CpS (before bonus multipliers) with all upgrades; it however contributes 26,520 CpS (plus multiplier) to the Cursor rate and per mouse click, if you have 200 cursors and the Quadrillion Fingers upgrade - a 1326x difference(!). (Please update numbers)
  • Farms were not included in the Classic version of Cookie Clicker. 
  • Farms are currently the worst buildings in game. It is not recommended to buy farms for CPS mid-late game.
  • Statistically, Farms are the most efficient building to buy first!
  • The name given to the achievement 'I hate manure' may be a reference to Back to the Future, as in the films this line is often quoted by a member of the Tannen family, when they end up in a pile of manure.

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