One of Cookielator's main functionalities, cost (here for Cursors) and refund (Grandma) calculation.

Cookielator is a Windows application that undertakes the task of calculating building costs and selling refunds for the user. Users can define a starting and target value (building count) for each type of buildings and Cookielator will do the maths for them, so they don't have to crunch numbers or adjust formulas on their own.

Cookielator also features a fully functional Heavenly Chips Calculator.

Additionally, Cookielator has a built-in function to add and subtract the given results to make it more conveniently visible to the user, how much of a building cost will be paid off by selling other buildings.


As of version 1.01, Cookielator has the following features:

  • The calculation of costs and refunds of user-defined building counts with up to 1337 units per building
  • A fully functional Heavenly Chips calculator
  • Import building numbers from Cookie Clicker save codes
  • Addition and subtraction of results
  • Two handy buttons for Windows calculator and notepad
  • Two languages (English and German)
  • Copying results to clipboard via button (similar to pressing Ctrl+C)
  • Several options, including transparency, resolving exponents and changing decimal and thousands separators (so 1,000 becomes 1.000 or vice versa)


Cookielator v1.01 can be downloaded here. (*.zip archive, 714 KB)

(MD5: 4ffc1dd16ddafe362508f50cb66bd338, Virustotal report here)

If you should get a malicious file warning or don't care about the file size, use this link instead. (uncompressed *.exe file, 2,4 MB)

(MD5: 262d5815a2edd72f360913dae58b9bfb, Virustotal report here)



The Cookielator window, after calculation of the example.

The main calculator part of Cookielator is on the left-hand side. You can see the building types, each with two input fields next to the "->" and one result field beneath them. The usage of the input fields and the calculation step is pretty intuitive, but here is one example:

If we want to know the cost of building 45 Portals from 5 to 50, we put "5" into the first input field at the Portal section and "50" into the second one. A click on the "Cookielate" button or simply pressing the Enter key will show the resulting cost in the third field.

To get the refund value of 100 Farms, we put "100" into the first input field at the Farm section and "0", giving us the result in the third field (after clicking Cookielate. NOTE: You can calculate more than one value at a time, this is for example purposes only).

Now, to see how much the refund of the Farms would pay off the Portal cost, we head over to the "Add" tab on the right-hand side to apply those values against each other. To do so, we select "-" under the Farm section and "+" under the Portal section, the rest can stay at zero. Finally, a click on the "Cookielate" button will show the result, representing the cookies left to procude to build the Portals, in the field next to "∑".

Future plansEdit

For the future, I would like to make Cookielator available in more languages. If you want to contribute to a translation in your language, or you have a suggestion, idea, bug reports or need help, you can contact Intruder66 here on the Wiki, either through messaging or leaving a comment in the comments area.

Momentary plans:

  • Add support for bigger numbers for cost and refund calculation, like in Heavenly Chips Calculator

Version historyEdit

1.01 - 08.11.2013:
  • The Heavenly Chip Calculator now features calculation of how many Cookies you need for a desired number of Heavenly Chips (up to 999,999,999 Chips)
  • The already included Heavenly Chip Calculator function of how many Heavenly Chips you get for your Cookies now supports input numbers (Cookies) up to 42535295865117289999999999999999999999999999999999. Note that results of such high numbers will not be indefinitely precise.
    (I will to try allow such high numbers for the cost and refund calculation in a future release)
  • UI Changes:
    • Split the "blue wrench" button up into two separate buttons for Windows Calculator and Windows Notepad
    • Updated the Heavenly Chip Calculator page; added buttons to copy from or paste to Clipboard for the Input and Output fields
    • also added buttons to paste from Clipboard to the Load Save Code page
    • rearranged the other "Copy to Clipboard"-Buttons and Unprecise Warnings
  • Reduced the *.exe file size by re-writing procedures, compressing and optimizing images and loading more of them dynamically now (789 kB to 750 kB)
  • Shrunk the window's size
  • Fixed a typo in the source code that caused to give you an error message when you set a too high target value but no starting value
  • Minor translation changes
1.0 - 05.11.2013:
  • Initial release

License and author informationEdit

Cookielator is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License. It is not being developed anymore.