Знімок екрана 2013-11-18 о 20.55.52

Original, fresh screen

Знімок екрана 2013-11-18 о 20.56.19

Active bookmark

Знімок екрана 2013-11-18 о 20.56.49

Bot after F,A,G,M,N and S

This is an automatic bot, with autoclicking, autobuy, golden cookie notification, etc.


  1. Please check Javascript source:
  2. Create a backup of your game
  3. Add a bookmark to your browser. Works with Chrome and FF.

Give any name and in link field put line:

  1. Launch game, open bookmarked link.
  2. If i doesn't work try to open add-on's sourcecode page, copy everything from here and paste it in browser console at Cookie Clicker page.
  3. Enjoy!

Key bindingsEdit

Here's edited snipped from javascript code above:

/* A */: 'autobuy'
/* Z */: 'oneshot'
/* G */: 'gold'
/* H */: 'season'
/* N */: 'gnotify'
/* F */: 'frenzy'
/* M */: 'main'
/* S */: 'status'
/* P */: 'protect'
  1. Autobuy - Enable/Disable automatic purchases
  2. Oneshot - Purchase something once
  3. Gold - Enable/Disable golden cookie clicks
  4. Season – Enable/Disable reindeer clicks
  5. Gnotify - Enable/Disable golden cookie audible notifications
  6. Frenzy - Enable/Disable clickFrenzy functionality
  7. Main - Enable/Disable main cookie automatic clicking
  8. Status - Display status for the flags
  9. Protect - Enable/Disable x10 / x7 manufacturing for 1200 seconds

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