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If you have a Suggestion don't hesitate to add it to the list.

Please make suggestions in a clean, "wiki-like" manner. Avoid using "I". Please do not carry on unneeded conversation in the wiki. Only comment on a suggestion if you have something to add to it, not just if you agree with it.

Please add your suggestions to the bottom of the list.

Do not delete other suggestions unless the suggestions are actually invalid.Edit

  • Add timers that state how long until exceding the Lucky! and Lucky! (Frenzy) cookie thresholds.
  • Add an option to minimize the bottom bar. (second voted)
  • Accommodate the new 1 / 10 / 100 buying/selling in the timing of when a building will be available. Currently it just has the time left for buying 1 no matter what.
  • Implement changing of the favicon ( an icon associated with a URL that is variously displayed ) as an indicator for when there is a golden cookie. This is recommended due to pinning icons in google chrome and firefox removes all text on the page title.
  • For the golden cookie countdown, could the time remaining shown in the status bar be either the minimum time or min/max (possibly as an option)?  A countdown until the last possible second isn't very useful if the cookie actually appears a full minute before that time.
  • Aside from the time remaining till MaxTime, for golden cookie bar, calculate the percentage chance that it could occur. The formula for the percentage at any given instant is:
However, that changes with every tick... If someone can write a formula for the chance it would have (even approximately) for the entire second, instead of just that frame, I think that would be ideal. The Phoenix Codes (talk) 04:29, October 18, 2013 (UTC)


  • Happy Halloween!  Assuming the Wrinklers do not go away after the holiday and become a permanent artifact of the game (which I certainly hope is the case), there should be some way to keep track of when they came in.  Since it seems to be the best strategy to just let the wrinklers feed on the cookie until there are ten of them, and then get rid of the oldest to make room for a new one, it'd be nice for Cookie Monster to keep track of the order they came in, either by numbering each of them, or just having the "current" oldest one highlighted, so we know how to get the most out of our bug squashing.
    • On mouseover on a Wrinkler:
      • Time since start
      • Coockies per Second
      • Accumulated cookies (aka income when popped)
      • Wrinkler number (#1 is oldest)
      • Total income per second and accumulated for all Wrinklers combined (perhaps the "stats" is better suited for this)
      • CpS lost when popped
  • For the time remaining, instead of just using the total CpS, it would be awesome if it would calculate the amount of time (for example) the frenzy is on. The time left wouldn't change when the frenzy is done, it would just get lower.
    • It's nice that the time remaining calculation changes during Frenzy, but would be even better if it calculated time remaining based on finishing out the current Frenzy countdown then returning to non-Frenzy cps for the remainder.
  • Please switch your source from Pastebin to Github so we can contribute and fork! You can use Github's raw view to continue to distribute a minified script with the current mechanism you're using. There are a few suggestions I would like to contribute, or implement for myself if you aren't going to include them...
    • Gray boxes instead of magenta on uncalculated upgrades
    • Re-show the top bar
    • Scroll bar changes to make them less ugly
    • A number setting to make the numbers begin displaying in thousands of units with quadrillion, so they "move" faster (it's so much more satisfying)! ie 15 Qa now displays as 15,000 T, up to 999,999 T, but trillion and lower is unchanged
  • Please display the time remaining for the Elder Pledge in min:sec format instead of minutes.decimal!
  • Allow disabling of Lucky! with frenzy notification. It gets annoying to see that on every item in the store.
  • Include cps increase into Lucky! calculation. When you buy something with noticable CPS increase, then it sometimes causes deficit without notification.
    • The current system is better in terms of maximising income from Lucky! (with Frenzy) - provided the cookie total after the purchase is higher than the threshold for the maximum Lucky! (with Frenzy) before the purchase then any Lucky! (with Frenzy) after the purchase will get you more cookies than the maximum available before the purchase.
  • Indicate what is cheaper, Elder Covenant or Elder Pledge. If 66.6667T+3600*(CPS*0.05) < Elder Pledge Cost then Elder Covenant is cheaper than Elder Pledge. Then regularily check if Elder Pledge becames cheaper than Elder Covenant again (if CPS had increased).
  • Add stats on what percentage of the total cps buildings are providing - for example, a mouseover on the cursors would say "100% of cps" if you only had cursor buildings, but would say something more like "1% of cps" if you had a bunch of other buildings and the cursors were only providing a small amount of the overall total.
  • Add an option to hide certain upgrades. For example, hiding Revoke Elder Covenant or One Mind.
  • Show how many of a building you can buy without going below the Lucky! or Lucky! (Frenzy) threshold.
  • Add a gross income to the stats screen, as in CPS before the multiplier gets added. For example, if I have ten cursors and no upgrades (1 CPS) and 50 heavenly chips (+100% multiplier) then the CPS line would say "2 CPS (200%)" but the gross CPS would say 1CPS.
  • The early game coloring is dominated by a green Portal LONG before you want to buy it.  This makes font colors worthless in the early game.  Please base the color off of "Time Left" (in seconds) PLUS "Cost Per Income".  Mathematically this is the value you want to minimize (it's equivalent to the other form thats been proven to be optimal).
    • The "Base Cost Per Income" value isn't, in fact, the number that you want to be minimizing, if you want to make your optimal purchase. Instead, you want to look at the roi value, which is (cookie cost * post-purchase cookies/s) / (delta cps). (For a mathematical proof, see here:
      • I didn't say to minimize "Base Cost Per Income"  I said to minimize "Base Cost Per Income" PLUS "Time Left".  That's equivalent to your formula (divide your formula by CPS) except it doesn't make the assumption you start with 0 cookies.
      • While adding "Time Left" to "Cost Per Income" would be an improvement over "Cost Per Income" alone, it does NOT always tell you the most optimal purchase. The proof above starts with a very important condition: the player currently has 0 cookie in bank. This of course is almost never true. The proof actually extends to the player having some low amounts of cookies in bank, but once you go over a certain amounts of cookies in the bank the formula becomes suboptimal. For example say we have an upgrade A that costs 9T and adds 9cps, and an upgrade B that costs 10T and adds 9.9cps. Obviously A is more efficient than B and you'd want to buy A first then buy B. But what if I clicked on a golden cookie or just idled overnight and now I have 10T in the bank? Now it's actually quite a bit faster to buy B first then buy A, instead of the other way around. This is because even though B is slightly less efficient per cost, buying B utilizes all the cookies in my bank whereas buying A only utilizes 90% of it. Figuring out how to most efficiently spend the cookies you have is essentially the Knapsack problem, which is NP-hard, so no formula exists that can be used to solve the problem.
        • Even if the Knapsack problem is NP hard, it's still trivial to determine if it is more efficient to purchase one building/upgrade before the second one instead of purchasing the second one directly. There's no need to dig deep, it's a simple iteration.
    • Add an option to show which building/upgrade is REALLY the best one now. For example, during the beginning of game the portal has really nice Base Cost Per Income... But we need to wait for it. My idea is: Let the script check dynamically which buildings/upgrades have lower BCPI than Time Left on "Best" item, and suggest them instead... Or just suggest 2 things at once. That way, when we buy that "worse" item, we can really buy "best" item faster, as it's time left lowers :) You should make this option toggle'able though, as I fear that many players won't like it (It's nearly playing the game for them :P)
      • Not always true. Very often, and almost every time later game, buying items or upgrades that do not have a lower BCPI will actually just increase the time remaining for that best purchase. It's not always the most fun, but there are some points where waiting really is actually the most efficient thing you can do.
    • Implementing the time it takes until an upgrade is achieved into calculations. If a portal for 1,666,666 cookies is the next best efficient item, but I only have a gain of 80 CpS that's kinda pointless... (so maybe not telling you its the best until you've bought at least one of them.
    • Knowing the "best" purchase is a portal that I can afford in "1 day, 8 hours" is cool, but what would be better is knowing that if I bought x, y, and z right now, that time before I can get the "best" purchase is only "8 hours", for example.
    • Perhaps it would be simplest to show the most efficient building you can afford in the regular green (or even in a darker shade of green that doesn't look so much like yellow even to the non-colorblind... hint hint), while the real "most efficient" purchase is highlighted in blue.
    • Could you Color the buildings in a continuous way instead of an absolute way? Right now we have red, orange, yellow and green, but why make it so complicated. Just use an RGB Value starting at 255/0/0 (red) for the worst building to buy right now, going over 255/255/0 (yellow) to 0/255/0 (green) for the best building to buy right now and give all the buildings in between the fitting color based on where they stand between the worst and the best. If it's halfway between them, it's the color 255/255/0. If its 1/4 from best to worst, it would be 127/255/0. If its 1/4 from worst to best it would be 255/126/0 and so on.
  • I would like it if  there was an option so that it would simply say if the next golden cookie will appear within the current frenzy/clot.
    • This is no longer valid with the new 'randomization' code for cookies.
  • Add a "low" option on the short numbers option, where it goes from 1000-999999.999 before switching over to the next title. I like seeing it update often, but not too often.
    • Let the user decide how many digits come after the dot. I like to have only 2, others might like 4 or even more. Sometimes i get confused by the 3 digits because we use the dot in europe as the americans use the comma to split up the number. 1,234,567.89 → 1.234.567,89
  • Add Long scale shortcuts to the system. I recommend:
    • 1 Mio for 1,000,000 (currently M)
    • 1 Mrd for 1,000,000,000 (currently B or G)
    • 1 Bio for 1,000,000,000,000 (currently T)
    • 1 Brd for 1,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Qa or P)
    • 1 Tio for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Qi or E)
    • 1 Trd for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Sx or Z)
    • 1 Qao for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Sp or Y)
    • 1 Qad for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Oc)
    • 1 Qio for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently No)
    • 1 Qid for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (currently Dc)
    • ​Well at least add it up to Trd. The Rest is quite annoying.
      • I am for it. My country uses the long scale, and even though I know how short scale works (so it doesn't really matter), some people who use long scale might not. (I go by Xln and Xld, where X is a letter depending on how big the number is, such as Bln - 10^12)
  • Please allow for exclusion of facilities on the "Base Cost Per Income" bar for situations where you already have 100 of the facility and no longer need to purchase more.
    • There are achievements where you need 128 farms (Mathematician) and 200 cursors (The Digital). And.. you always need more...
  • Keep "Bonus Income" and "Base Cost Per Income" fixed. As of 1.036.05 it changes when a frenzy happens. While the value might be correct during the frenzy, frenzy isn't the default mode, so gives a wrong impression IMO. Alternatively have it as a toggle (in the menu) so people can chose if they want it to change during a frenzy or not.
    • Right now, when the game is calculating the remaining time for an upgrade, it calculates this based off the current CpS. However, it does not take into account the Clot status effect, which halves the CpS, thus doubling the time left, then after 60 sec (or 120 if Get Lucky has been purchased) changing it back to the original value (minus the cookies produced during that period, of course). Presumably this also happens with the x7 and x666, however I have not tested this. It would be nice for Cookie Monster to check for these statuses and take them into account when calculating.
      • [2nd person's note: you can multiply the base CPS by the inverse of the Game.frenzyPower to negate clot, frenzy, elder frenzy, &c.]  function baseCPS() { return Game.frenzy ? (Game.cookiesPs / Game.frenzyPower) : Game.cookiesPs; } -- you need to check if Game.frenzy is active because the game does not reset frenzyPower to 1 after a clot/frenzy etc.
  • Re-add the "seconds left" in addition to the "time left". Perhaps in brackets eg. "Time left: 1h 30m 0s (5,400)" Seconds left is useful for working out if another purchase will result in a lower time (if cost/income < time left, it will reduce time left)
    • I say add an option to choose between the 2 methods.
  • It would be nice to have something to say what would be the best next purchase right away. It gets confusing to look at the buildings and achievements all the time to determine which one I should get.
  • Hide "Game Saved" popup text
  • Colorblind option - green to blue or something, green is too similar to yellow :/
  • Add a total counter during Frenzys that accumulate how many cookies you gained during clicking.
  • Fixed width font for cookie counter
    • align counters in stats page (total baked, in bank...)
  • Show a "real CpS" based on average earnings over last 10/30/whatever minutes
  • Showing CpS formula (e.g. 10000(Base CpS) * 1.1(Cookie Upgrades) * 2.2(Kitten Upgrades) * 0.95(Elder Covenant) * 3.3(Heavently Chips))
  • Elder Pledge:
    • A marker that indicates if it's more cost efficient to buy Elder Pledge (lose an amount of cookies for 30 minutes) or the Elder Covenant (lose 5% of your cps). And maybe for Elder covenant, show the cost efficiency of the upgrade itself, and summed with the "Revoke"
      • As described in the upgrades page, after Elder pledge cost is maxed, it's always better to get Elder Covenant until your CPS is about 2.7 billion.
    • Add a signal in title/FAVICON for when the Elder Pledge runs out.
    • Add (option to) auto-buy Elder Pledge (very usefull when running un-attended). Code is on cheats page.
  • Show research timer as buff bar (perhaps when < 5 minutes).
  • For mouse upgrades, display increase in cookies-per-click.
  • Make Light Blue and Magenta colors mean way more cost-efficient than the best building for Light Blue, and way less cost-efficient than the worst building for Magenta, to make Green and Red viable upgrade colors. More specifically, half the best cost/income and twice the worst cost/income.
  • A seconds-left counter for Lucky! MAX and Lucky! MAX (Frenzy). It helps compare the Base Cost Per Income and the waiting period for an upgrade. (I.e, if the BCPI on an item is <= the seconds left for a more expensive upgrade, that item will pay for itself by the time you unlock that upgrade.) Having a cooldown timer on the Lucky! values will help me gauge if I want to save my money yet or not ...
    • Add a "time left" countdown until you can build something without going below the lucky! or lucky! (frenzy) value.
  • Add a calculation that takes into account the time required for the best Base Cost Per Income building to go over the required frenzy/lucky MAX cookies, and makes buying the second best Base cost Per Income now more efficient than waiting for the best one.
  • Show total cost of unacquired achievements (related to buildings) (e.g total cookie cost for 100 Time Machines when you have 50 already)
  • Add (or have an option to enable) the deficit to lucky! (frenzy) stat, without the "note". (i.e., having the icon and the deficit, without the rest of the huge text warning).
  • Add an option to disable the white text pop-ups on buildings, to avoid unintencional sells. This would be expecially useful for the cursors' pop-up.
  • Add a feature calculating the cookies you gain per second while you click on the big cookie.
  • Add an option to turn on/off golden cookie opacity.
  • Add more cookie frenzy calculations:
    • Cookies per click during Clicking Frenzy
    • Cookies per click during Clicking Frenzy while on Frenzy
  • Maybe add an option that changes the flashing color for red cookies to black.
  • It would be useful to have an option displaying the cost/benefit for buying 5 or 10 buildings at a time, that would be extra helpful.
    • Time to pay achievement cost would be good. The Bakery series (up to How?), the 1-50-100 building achievements (and the extras for cursors), those from One with Everything to Centennial, and Elder are the ones which seem readily codeable. I'd do it myself if there was a github.
  • An option to hide the Elder Convenant would be nice so it doesn't accidentally get clicked on.
  • Move Upgrade Counter Bar below the upgrades.  This makes it easier to check when you enable the option to keep the upgrades expanded at all times.
    • I came here to say stick this bar so it is always visible at the top of the column, so if you are scrolled down to the bottom of the page, clicking Anti-matter devices, you can see when some upgrade goes blue still.
  • More short numbers
    • 10^36 = 1 Udc
    • 10^39 = 1 Ddc
    • 10^42 = 1 Tdc
    • 10^45 = 1 Qadc
    • 10^48 = 1 Qidc
    • 10^51 = 1 Sxdc
    • 10^54 = 1 Spdc
    • 10^57 = 1 Ocdc
    • 10^60 = 1 Nodc
    • 10^63 = 1 Vi
    • 10^66 = 1,000 Vi
    • 10^69 = 1 M Vi
    • etc.
  • Make hiding the top bar optional
  • When cookie sound is enabled, play the sound once
  • The ability to hide the stats/sell option when hovering over buildings/the big cookie. It'd make clicking during clicking frenzys a lot easier when I have the window scrunched up in the corner.
  • When a Golden/Red Cookie spawns, add its remaining time on screen to the title, for example "(G-50) 1T cookies".
  • Add a notification next to the Reset button if you qualify for any of the Reset-with-total-cookies-baked (Oblivion) achievements.
  • New strategy: full time to amortize inversion.
    • If I do not anything, in time T I will have: T*CPS
    • If I have enough money to buy something (at COST cost y with new cps: CPS' ), in time T, i will have: T*CPS' - COST. So the score is time to get same as "doing nothing" (but with CPS increased):
      • T*CPS + COST = T*CPS' -> T = COST/(CPS'-CPS)
    • If I do not have enouth money (CURRENT) to buy something (COST), I have to wait T1 to earn enouth money to buy it and T2 to recuperate inversion. The score is T=T1+T2
      • (T1+T2)*CPS+CURRENT = T2*CPS' -> T2 = COST/(CPS'-CPS)
      • so T = T1+T2 = (COST-CURRENT)/CPS + COST/CPS'-CPS)
    • Minimum T is better inversion and we have information about if it is better wait for other object or buy something now.
    • (A different person): This is actually identical to what's been proposed above, but it does provide a more detailed explanation. T1 is "Time Left", and T2 is "Cost Per Income", so T is "Time Left" + "Cost Per Income" as proposed above.
    • (a third person): At the least, having a "time to recoup" (cost divided by CPS gain) lets you tell whether it's better to buy cheaper items while you wait to be able to afford the current "best"...
  • Add desktop notifications for Chrome (I don't know if Firefox also supports these) whenever a golden cookie pops up.
  • Fix the timers so that it takes frenzy/clot ending into account.
  • Would be nice to have a buff bar for the Elder Pledge and a ding when it expires.
  • This may have already been suggested but, it would be nice to have an upgraded calculation for the Lucky! and Lucky! (Frenzy) that estimates post purchase Lucky! and Lucky! (Frenzy) values via post puchase CPS boost to tell if you really are safe to purchase the new building/upgrade.
    • Unless I'm mistaken, it shouldn't matter. If you need X for lucky and X+Y for lucky post purchase, and you have X+upgradecost cookies right now, you can either 1) buy your upgrade right away and make Y cookies at a higher CPS, or 2) wait until you have X+Y+upgradecost to purchase your upgrade, but during that time you'll be making those Y cookies at a lower CPS. In case 1), your CPS is higher, and your Lucky! cap is higher (X+Y), so as you make those extra Y cookies, your Lucky!'s will gradually increase. In case 2), your CPS is lower, and your Lucky! cap is capped lower at X, so your Lucky!s will stay lower. So therefore case 1 is better, and you'll get to X+Y cookies and your upgrade faster if you purchase as soon as you have X cookies.
  • Use different color for infinity "Base Cost Per Income".
  • Add the cookies required for the new cookie chain limit (up to 6 hours worth of cps, also that value can't be bigger than 25% of your current bank so you would need to bank 24 hours worth of cps)
  • Remove the % symbol after the muliplier displayed in Cookies per second. When the number is largre enough to show in short number, it is a little bit weird to see something like x.xxxM %.
  • When a red cookie appears, make the (G) say (R) instead, so it's easier to tell between them outside of the tab.
  • Change Cost per income calculation to use pre-frenzy CPS ratings. Outside of frenzies, my farms have 100,000 CPI, but inside of a frenzy, it drops to 15. And knowing its CPI inside of a frenzy is not too useful.
  • It would be handy if, just below the Time Left row, there was a Time Left With Hovered row that shows how much time will be left for the given building if you buy the item the mouse is hovering over.
  • A timer counting down to the following would be great: "Lucky!" Cookies Required; "Lucky!" Cookies Required (Frenzy); Caution and Warning Deficits. Thanks.
  • Create an auto-buy products/upgrades based on what is most cost efficient according to Cookie Monster.
  • A delay of 1-3 seconds before mouse-over popups appear.
  • Any chance of detecting and correcting when the popups will pop up partly offscreen due to scroll position?
  • Since click upgrades don't affect CPS, replace the Bonus Income and Base Cost Per Income with Bonus Per Click and Clicks To Recoup (Cost).
  • Bug - when clicking on a 1Qa cookie, it says "done" and no warnings about falling below Lucky or Frenzy requirements.  However, when I purchase the cookie the Frenzy requirement increases and I find I am below it.  Likely an edge case, but there should be a correction in the calculation so that purchasing the cookie does not put you below it after the purchase.
  • Show a more meaningful pace - for example if earning in the billions, show how many billions can be made in a minute and/or how long it takes to make the increment of a billion. For example, I'm earning 25B a second.  How long would it take to earn 1 trillion?  How many trillions could I make in 1 minute?  These are good for calculating how long I should wait/sit around.
  • On the hover pop-up's, if the there is a warning for going below the requirement (both frenzy and click frenzy) it would be great to display the time remaining, at the current pace, to get to a point where the warning disappears (this could be shown next to the deficit number). 
  • Estimated time until profit on individual purchase (on a switch with base cost per income) example of it's use: towards the begining of the game you could look at the second cursor vs the first granny and ask would it cost anything to buy the 12 cookie cursor compared to waiting for to buy the first grandma, by comparing time until profit (on single purchase) to the time left (until purchase is available) of another item, this is probably more helpful in the early game stages (and getting the Speed baking achievements) than later in the game where things are too expensive to worry about the repayment time of an individual purchase
  • So far as I can tell, the Grandmapocalypse upgrades are not taken in to account. IE, +1 CPS/ 50 grandmas, +1 CPS/20 portals, Elder Pact, One Mind, Communial Brainsweep. This would be a valuable upgrade.
  • Early in the game, as has been mentioned, portals dominate the strategy, even though the optimal strategy is not to buy a portal early. In fact, it can easily be shown that buying something that the BC/I is less than the time it will take to save money for the more expensive item will always be better to buy than just saving your money. A slightly iterative approach could solve the problem, and is what I currently do mentally. Find the best BC/I, and the time it will take to save enough money for it. Find the item with the highest BC/I that is less expensive than the best BC/I item, assuming the BC/I is less expensive than the time to build the new item. If you find a new candidate, repeate the process, until you can't find another candidate. The last item is the one that you should buy next.
  • Add a quake style console that all floating messagaes are mirrored too.  I sometimes catch them out of the corner of my eye but they disappear before I knew what they said.  Could also add command line style interaction.
  • Have an option to make a warning sound similar to the Golden Cookie when a reindeer pops up. Also include the ability to track reindeer pop up times (although maybe use a orange or brown color for the  possible time window, but grey before the min time), as they seem to be similar to Golden Cookie times.

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