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Cookie Monster is an addon you can load into Cookie Clicker, that offers a wide range of tools and statistics to enhance the game. It is not a cheat interface – although it does offer helpers for golden cookies and such, everything can be toggled off at will to only leave how much information you want.

This is a helper, and it is here to help you at whichever degree you want, if you only need some help shortening long numbers, it does that. If you need to be accompanied by hand to pick the best buildings to buy, it does that, but everything is an option.

Current version Edit

You can see the current version, and a full history of all versions and what they changed by consulting the releases page.

What it does Edit

At its core, Cookie Monster computes an index on both buildings and upgrades:

  • Payback Period (PP): Indicates how much a building is worth by using the formula max(cost - cookies in bank, 0)/cps + cost/Δ cps

Cookie Monster also indicates the time left before being able to buy an upgrade or building, and takes it into consideration. It will take everything in consideration, meaning if buying a building also unlocks an achievement which boosts your income, which unlocks an achievement, it will know and highlight that building's value.

This index is computed for buildings and upgrades. If the relevant option is enabled, it will color-code each of them based on their value:

  • Light Blue: (upgrades) This item has a better PP than any building
  • Green: This item has the best PP
  • Yellow: This item is not the best, but it is closer to best than it is to worst
  • Orange: This item is not the worst, but it is closer to worst than it is to best
  • Red: This item has the worst PP
  • Purple: (upgrades) This item has a worse PP than any building
  • Gray: (upgrades) This item has not been calculated and/or cannot be calculated due to no definitive worth.

Note: For this index, lower is better, meaning a building with a PP of 1 is more interesting than one with a PP of 3.

What it doesn't do Edit

Most likely you'll find items in gray like Golden Cookie upgrades, clicking upgrades, season upgrades – everything that doesn't earn you a direct bonus to your income will display as gray. This means the following upgrades are not taken into account by Cookie Monster:

  • Plastic mouse
  • Iron mouse
  • Titanium mouse
  • Adamantium mouse
  • Unobtainium mouse
  • Lucky day
  • Serendipity
  • Get lucky
  • Elder Pledge
  • Sacrificial rolling pins
  • etc.

Do note though that, although these upgrades have no direct value, if buying them earns you an achievement of some sort which in return gives you milk and income, Cookie Monster will display that value.

Installation Edit

Bookmarklet Edit

Copy this code and save it as a bookmark. Paste it in the URL section. To activate, click the bookmark when the game's open.

javascript:(function() {

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