This add-on is broken or outdated and won't work with current version of Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Engine is a free tool that allows easy creation and manipulation of Cookie Clicker save codes. It was created by the owner of CommentBlock and the latest supported version of Cookie Clicker is 1.0465. The tool simply allows you to create Import Save Codes, which are encoded in Base64, and a pain to decode and analyze. Cookie Engine makes it quite simple to easily manipulate those codes.


To use Cookie Engine, Follow this link: and fill out the form.

WARNING: This link is invalid and will not work with the current version of the game!

Ss (2014-06-10 at 03.30.02)

Please note: The check box at the bottom (achievements) includes the "Cheated Cookies" taste Awful Achievement. If you do not want this achievement, please do not check this box.

Submit the form and you're left with a great save game code.


Save Code

To import the code, simply go on Cookie Clicker, go to menu, and press Import Save. Here's what it should look like.


Import Save

Then, press Ok and it should work for you! Voilà!

Another way to speed up the game progress is by downloading an auto clicker, this will work for other clicker games too.



Future VersionsEdit

Cookie Engine was recently updated to the latest version of Cookie Clicker. This includes the Prism.

I will try to cope with Cookie Clicker's updates, as long as they use an encryption I can understand, base64 in this instance. If I don't update for a while, please email me on the web page.

  • Add ability to add certain achievements
  • Add ability to add certain upgrades
  • Add an ability to 'edit' save codes using your own cookie clicker save code.

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