Cookie Eater is an EXCEL spreadsheet that helps you calculate the most cost-effective building, global CpS increase when buying a building and time/cookies needed for acquiring a certain amount of buildings.

This spreadsheet contains VBA code and use Microsoft XML 3.0 or above reference in order to work properly. Please take this information into consideration. I decline any responsibility for unexpected issues using this file (even if I didn't put any malicious code inside).


- Import your buildings  : Simply put your save text in the cell, press the "Import save" button and your buildings will automatically be imported. (Does not seem to be working currently. Perhaps due to the addition of Antimatter Condensers). As Orteil changed his save decoding system, this feature cannot actually import "Upgrades" and "Achievements". You may have to enter it manually for now.

- CpS increase and cookie cost/CpS ratio calculated regarding every upgrade.

- CpS increase and cookie cost/CpS ratio calculated for every non-purchased upgrade.

- Goal calculator : You can calculate how much cookies you need to reach a specific amount of target building, and then time needed regarding your global cookie income.

- "+1 buttons" : Simply add +1 to your current building amount instead of rewriting it.

- Source code ordering : Achievements and Upgrades are listed in the order they are stored when creating your save text.

- Now accept Heavenly chips!


You can download the latest Cookie Eater here (1.035b).


1.035b :

- Corrected kitten/heavenly chips calculation bugs.

1.035a :

- Corrected CpS increase calculation regarding the new effect of elder covenant (x0.95 instead of x0.9)

- Added CpS increase and Cookie cost / 1 CpS calculation for non-acquired upgrades
- Reworked x2 upgrades for buildings. They now act independently, just in case you don't want to buy upgrades in the order they appear !
- Added new cookie upgrades

- Added Heavenly chips bonus
- Save import is not working properly for now. You may have to toggle manually your upgrades and insert your milk bonus.

1.034 : First release of Cookie Eater