I would like to create a translation addon for CookieClicker. On this page, we could translate the CookieClicker's sentences. Everyone can edit here to help us !

To simplify the work, I'll try to add the English version first. Each word/sentence/expression will have a name (in English) to identity it easier. About the page organization, I'll begin with a really basic pattern.

Important NotesEdit

I think you guys didn't understand what I plan to do. I want to create a Cookie Clicker addon which will replace each and every sentence, word, and expression in the game! That's why I need some unique "keys" to identify each sentence, word, and expression! We can't put tables into this page because they are difficult to copy/paste.

If you want to discuss with me or contact me via Twitter: @Ninetainedo

As you know (or not?) there is a lot of work for this feature. I have to almost rewrite the entire game. If people are into JavaScript and want to help me a bit, just contact me on Twitter, please.

N.B : The future addon will be posted here: CookieLanguage - A translation tool

English Template (Use this as a base for making your language!)Edit


cookie: cookie
cookiePlural: cookies
perSecond: per second
menu: menu
stats: stats
statistics: statistics
updates: updates
store: store
general: general
prestige: prestige
total: total
producing: producing
sell: sell
upgrades unlocked: upgrades unlocked
unlocked: unlocked
achievements: achievements
milk: milk
orangeJuice: orange juice
raspberryMilk: raspberry milk
chocolateMilk: chocolate milk
plainMilk: plain milk
prestigeNote: (Note : each heavenly chip grants you +2% CpS multiplier. You can gain more chips by resetting with a lot of cookies.)
milkNote: (Note : you gain milk through achievements. Milk can unlock unique upgrades over time.)
shadowAchievement: shadow achievements
shadowNote: (These are feats that are either unfair or difficult to attain. They do not give milk.)



singularName: cursor
pluralName: cursors
actionName: clicked
description: Autoclicks once every 10 seconds.


singularName: grandma
pluralName: grandmas
actionName: baked
description: A nice grandma to bake more cookies.


singularName: farm
pluralName: farms
actionName: harvested
description: Grows cookie plants from cookie seeds.


singularName: factory
pluralName: factories
actionName: mass-produced
description: Produces large quantities of cookies.


singularName: mine
pluralName: mines
actionName: mined
description: Mines out cookie dough and chocolate chips.


singularName: shipment
pluralName: shipments
actionName: shipped
description: Brings in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.

Alchemy lab

singularName: alchemy lab
pluralName: alchemy labs
actionName: transmuted
description: Turns gold into cookies !


singularName: portal
pluralName: portals
actionName: retrieved
description: Opens a door to the Cookieverse.

Time machine

singularName: time machine
pluralName: time machines
actionName: recovered
description: Brings cookies from the past, before they were even eaten.

Antimatter condenser

singularName: antimatter condenser
pluralName: antimatter condensers
actionName: condensed
description: Condenses the antimatter in the universe into cookies.

News tickerEdit

Cookie basedEdit

0: You feel like making cookies. But nobody wants to eat your cookies.
5: Your first batch goes in the trash. The neighborhood raccoon barely touches it.
50: Your family accepts to try some of your cookies.
100: Your cookies are popular in the neighborhood.
500: People are starting to talk about your cookies.
1,000: Your cookies are talked about for miles around.
3,000: Your cookies are renowned in the whole town!
6,000: Your cookies bring all the boys to the yard.
10,000: Your cookies now have their own website!
20,000: Your cookies are worth a lot of money.
30,000: Your cookies sell very well in distant countries.
40,000: People come from very far away to get a taste of your cookies.
60,000: Kings and queens from all over the world are enjoying your cookies.
80,000: There are now museums dedicated to your cookies.
100,000: A national day has been created in honor of your cookies.
200,000: Your cookies have been named a part of the world wonders.
300,000: History books now include a whole chapter about your cookies.
450,000: Your cookies have been placed under government surveillance.
600,000: The whole planet is enjoying your cookies!
1,000,000: Strange creatures from neighboring planets wish to try your cookies.
5,000,000: Elder gods from the whole cosmos have awoken to taste your cookies.
10,000,000: Beings from other dimensions lapse into existence just to get a taste of your cookies.
30,000,000: Your cookies have achieved sentience.
100,000,000: The universe has now turned into cookie dough, to the molecular level.
300,000,000: Your cookies are rewriting the fundamental laws of the universe.
1,000,000,000: A local news station runs a 10-minute segment about your cookies. Success! (you win a cookie)
10,000,000,000: It's time to stop playing

10,000 Cookies

News : cookies found to [random] in [random]!

News : cookies found to make [random] [random]!

News : cookies tested on [random], found to have no ill effects.

News: cookies unexpectedly popular among [random]!

News : unsightly lumps found on [random] near cookie facility; "they've pretty much always looked like that", says biologist.

News : new species of [random] discovered in distant country; "yup, tastes like cookies", says biologist."

News : "[random]", reveals celebrity.

News : doctors [random]

News : cookies go well with roasted [random], says controversial chef.

News : "do your cookies contain [random]?", asks PSA warning against counterfeit cookies.

News : scientist predicts imminent cookie-related "end of the world"; becomes joke among peers.

News : man robs bank, buys cookies.

News : what makes cookies taste so right? "Probably all the [*****] they put in them", says anonymous tipper.

News : man found allergic to cookies; "what a weirdo", says family.

News : foreign politician involved in cookie-smuggling scandal.

News : cookies now more popular than [random], says study.

News : obesity epidemic strikes nation; experts blame [random].

News : cookie shortage strikes town, people forced to eat cupcakes; "just not the same", concedes mayor.

News : "you gotta admit, all this cookie stuff is a bit ominous", says confused idiot.

News : movie cancelled from lack of actors; "everybody's at home eating cookies", laments director.

News : comedian forced to cancel cookie routine due to unrelated indigestion.

News : new cookie-based religion sweeps the nation.

News : fossil records show cookie-based organisms prevalent during Cambrian explosion, scientists say.

News : mysterious illegal cookies seized; "tastes terrible", says police.

News : man found dead after ingesting cookie; investigators favor "mafia snitch" hypothesis.

News : "the universe pretty much loops on itself," suggests researcher; "it's cookies all the way down."

News : minor cookie-related incident turns whole town to ashes; neighboring cities asked to chip in for reconstruction.

News : is our media controlled by the cookie industry? This could very well be the case, says crackpot conspiracy theorist.

News : cookies popular among all age groups, including fetuses, says study.;

News : cookie-flavored [random]

News : all-cookie restaurant opening downtown. Dishes such as braised cookies, cookie thermidor, and for dessert : crepes.

News : cookies could be the key to [random], says scientists.

Building basedEdit

1 Grandma

"Moist cookies." -grandma

"We're nice grandmas." -grandma

"Indentured servitude." -grandma

"Come give grandma a kiss." -grandma

"Why don't you visit more often?" -grandma

"Call me..." -grandma

50 Grandmas

"Absolutely disgusting." -grandma

"You make me sick." -grandma

"You disgust me." -grandma

"We rise." -grandma

"It begins." -grandma

"It'll all be over soon." -grandma

"You could have stopped it." -grandma

1 Farm

News : cookie farms suspected of employing undeclared elderly workforce!

News : cookie farms release harmful chocolate in our rivers, says scientist!

News : genetically-modified chocolate controversy strikes cookie farmers!

News : free-range farm cookies popular with today's hip youth, says specialist.

News : farm cookies deemed unfit for vegans, says nutritionist.

1 Factory

News : cookie factories linked to global warming!

News : cookie factories involved in chocolate weather controversy!

News : cookie factories on strike, robotic minions employed to replace workforce!

News : cookie factories on strike - workers demand to stop being paid in cookies!

News : factory-made cookies linked to obesity, says study.

1 Mine

News : [between 2 and 1002] miners dead in chocolate mine catastrophe!

News : [between 2 and 1002] miners trapped in collapsed chocolate mine!

News : chocolate mines found to cause earthquakes and sink holes!

News : chocolate mine goes awry, floods village in chocolate!

News : depths of chocolate mines found to house "peculiar, chocolaty beings"!

1 Shipment

News : new chocolate planet found, becomes target of cookie-trading spaceships!

News : massive chocolate planet found with 99.8% certified pure dark chocolate core!

News : space tourism booming as distant planets attract more bored millionaires!

News : chocolate-based organisms found on distant planet!

News : ancient baking artifacts found on distant planet; "terrifying implications", experts say.

1 Alchemy Lab

News : national gold reserves dwindle as more and more of the precious mineral is turned to cookies!

News : chocolate jewelry found fashionable, gold and diamonds "just a fad", says specialist.

News : silver found to also be transmutable into white chocolate!

News : defective alchemy lab shut down, found to convert cookies to useless gold.

News : alchemy-made cookies shunned by purists!

1 Portal

News : nation worried as more and more unsettling creatures emerge from dimensional portals!

News : dimensional portals involved in city-engulfing disaster!

News : tourism to cookieverse popular with bored teenagers! Casualty rate as high as 73%!

News : cookieverse portals suspected to cause fast aging and obsession with baking, says study.

News : "do not settle near portals," says specialist; "your children will become strange and corrupted inside."

1 Time Machine

News : time machines involved in history-rewriting scandal! Or are they?

News : time machines used in unlawful time tourism!

News : cookies brought back from the past "unfit for human consumption", says historian.

News : various historical figures inexplicably replaced with talking lumps of dough!

News : "I have seen the future," says time machine operator, "and I do not wish to go there again."

1 Antimatter Condenser

News : first antimatter condenser successfully turned on, doesn't rip apart reality!

News : "explain to me again why we need particle accelerators to bake cookies?" asks misguided local woman.

News : "unravelling the fabric of reality just makes these cookies so much tastier", claims scientist.

News : whole town seemingly swallowed by antimatter-induced black hole; more reliable sources affirm town "never really existed"!

News : researchers conclude that what the cookie industry needs, first and foremost, is "more magnets". |} </span>

Grandmapocalypse basedEdit

appeased1: "shrivel" -grandma
appeased2: "writhe" -grandma
appeased3: "throb" -grandma
appeased4: "gnaw" -grandma
appeased5: "We will rise again." -grandma
appeased6: "A mere setback." -grandma
appeased7: "We are not satiated." -grandma
appeased8: "Too late." -grandma