Cookie Clicker Calculator is a Google Docs Template to help with cookie clicker calculations.  It was created originally by user !!Qqpwke74gWY, but has since been kept up to date by other helpful users.

Please post any known issues in the comments.


- Load from exported save file. Will correctly grab your current buildings, upgrades, achievements, shadow achievements, and heavenly chips (or at least until Orteil changes the format again...). Be patient, as loading may take a minute (it's rather inefficient).

- CpS net gain for each building, upgrade, and even for getting a single achievement

- Goal calculator to see how many cookies you need to buy a certain number of buildings (defaults to the number you need to unlock all the upgrades/achievements)

- Suggestions for next buy based on Time til made up - the shortest amount of time you have to wait (from 0 cookies) until you'll see a positive net gain from a purchase

- Buttons to automatically buy the next suggested building and next suggested upgrade

- Tells you how many heavenly chips you will gain from soft-resetting right now (after running the load).

- Wrinkler Distribution Calculation and Chart.  Also tells you how unlucky you are

New Calculator (GalKash)Edit

in 14/10/2016 GalKash made c# calculator for V. 2.002



v1.0393 (not Current Version)


v1.0375 - Expect some incorrect cost values and for loading to not grab the last few achievements/upgrades.

Known IssuesEdit

- There's an occasional bug where the all time cookies baked value is loaded incorrectly. This value is only used to compute how many heavenly chips you would get on a reset. Orteil stores two numbers that you have to add together to compute heavenly chips on reset, but the numbers are stored as strings to prevent the rounding error associated with very large numbers in javascript.  The script function to add two strings seems to be broken with certain inputs.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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