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This page presents what's new in the beta release 2.003 (and following patches such as 2.0032), released on 07/07/2017. It includes :

  • new upgrades
  • new achievements
  • sugar lumps, building levels and building minigames
  • toys

Sugar LumpsEdit

Sugar lumps are extremely rare currencies that can be harvested or found by Golden cookies.

A sugar lump can be found in the bottom left corner of the border around where the options, stats, info, and legacy tabs are, as well as the news, quotes, and other bits of text. The flavor text found under the sugar lump when your mouse hovers over it says, "A sugar lump is coalescing here, attracted by your past feats." 

Sugar Lumps mature after 20 hours, ripen after 23 hours, and fall after a day. After a sugar lump falls, or gets picked when ripe or matured, a new sugar lump automatically takes its place.

According to in-game text, sugar lumps can be harvested when ripe, though if left alone beyond that point they will eventually fall and be auto-harvested after some time. Note that sugar lumps keep growing when the game is closed.

Buildings, levels, and minigamesEdit

On the frame below the bottom right corner of every building panel, there is a tiny tab with an arrow and a piece of text that says "lvl (level # of building)". If you have enough sugar lumps, you can level up that building, increasing the cookies per second (cps) produced by that building type by +1%. Flavor text varies by type. Leveling up to level 1 costs 1 sugar lump, level 2 costs 2 sugar lumps, etc. There are new achievements for getting each building type to level 10; this requires 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 sugar lumps per type, or 825 total lumps to get all 15 achievements. At a rate of around 1 lump per day, this would take over 2 years.

Some leveling enables mini-games. Leveling up Temples to level 1 grants the Pantheon mini-game, which allows you to slot gods that affect the game in various ways; additional Temple levels appear to have no effect on the Pantheon. Leveling up Wizard Towers to level 1 grants the Grimoire mini-game that allows you to cast spells; additional levels add more magic, at least for the first few levels. Other mini-games are rumored to be in the works, but have not yet been released.

All level ups are permanent (retained across ascensions), as are unspent sugar lumps and the state of the current maturing/ripening lump.

Ongoing research...

New Golden cookie effectsEdit

The beta introduced a new Golden cookie effect: "Found 1 sugar lump!".

New UpgradesEdit

Heavenly upgradesEdit

Icon Name Unlocked after purchasing Price (Heavenly chips) Description ID
Stevia Caelestis Wrinkly cookies 100 million Sugar lumps ripen an hour sooner.

"A plant of supernatural sweetness grown by angels in heavenly gardens."

Diabetica Daemonicus Stevia Caelestis, Lucifer 300 million Sugar lumps mature an hour sooner.

"A malevolent, if delicious herb that is said to grow on the cliffs of the darkest abyss of the underworld."

Sucralosia Inutilis Diabetica Daemonicus 1 billion Bifurcated sugar lumps appear 5% more often and are 5% more likely to drop 2 lumps.

"A rare berry of uninteresting flavor that is as elusive as its uses are limited; only sought-after by the most avid collectors with too much wealth on their hands.

Lucky digit Heavenly luck 777 +1%prestige level effect on CpS.

+1% golden cookie effect duration.

+1% golden cookie lifespan.

"This upgrade is a bit shy and only appears when your prestige level ends in 7."

Lucky number Lucky digit, Lasting fortune 77,777 +1% prestige level effect on CpS.

+1% golden cookie effect duration.

+1% golden cookie lifespan.

"This upgrade is a reclusive hermit and only appears when your prestige level ends in 777."

Lucky payout Lucky number, Decisive fate 77 million +1% prestige level effect on CpS.

+1% golden cookie effect duration.

+1% golden cookie lifespan.

"This upgrade took an oath of complete seclusion from the rest of the world and only appears when your prestige level ends in 777777."

Background selector 1 million Lets you pick which wallpaper to display

(Present in previous version but only implemented in 2.003)

Income-multiplier UpgradesEdit

Icon Name Unlocked at Price (cookies) Description ID
Pecan sandies Cookie production multiplier +4%

Stick a nut on a cookie and call it a day! Name your band after it! Whatever!

Moravian spice cookies Cookie production multiplier +4%

Popular for being the world's moravianest cookies.

Anzac biscuits Cookie production multiplier +4%

Army biscuits from a bakery down under, containing no eggs but yes oats.

Buttercakes Cookie production multiplier +4%

Glistening with cholesterol, these cookies moistly straddle the line between the legal definition of a cookie and just a straight-up stick of butter.

Ice cream sandwiches Cookie production multiplier +4%

In an alternate universe, "ice cream sandwich" designates an ice cream cone filled with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. Maybe some sprinkles too.

Lombardia cookies Cookie production multiplier +3%

These come from those farms with the really good memory.

Bastenaken cookies Cookie production multiplier +3%

French cookies made of delicious cinnamon and candy sugar. These do not contain Nuts!

Lavender chocolate butter biscuit 300 of every building Cookie Production Multiplier +10%

Rewarded for owning 300 of everything.

Debug UpgradesEdit

Icon Name Price (cookies) Description ID
Occult obstruction 7 Cookie production reduced to 0.

If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Glucose-charged air Sugar lumps coalesce a whole lot faster.

Don't breathe too much or you'll get diabetes!

New AchievementsEdit

Baking AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
The dreams in which I’m baking are the best I’ve ever had Bake 100 undecillion cookies in one ascension
Set for life Bake 1 duodecillion cookies in one ascension
The proof of the cookie is in the baking Bake 1 septillion cookies per second
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing Bake 10 septillion cookies per second
Click (starring adam sandler) Make 10 septillion cookies just from cursors
Frantiquities Make 10 septillion cookies just from grandmas
Overgrowth Make 10 quintillion cookies just from farms
Sedimentalism Make 100 quintillion cookies just from mines
Labour of love Make 1 sextillion cookies just from factories
Reverse funnel system Make 10 sextillion cookies just from banks
Thus spoke you Make 100 sextillion cookies just from temples
Manafest destiny Make 1 septillion cookies just from wizard towers
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night Make 10 septillion cookies just from shipments
I’ve got the Midas touch Make 100 septillion cookies just from alchemy labs
Which eternal lie Make 1 octillion cookies just from portals
Déjà vu Make 10 octillion cookies just from time machines
Powers of ten Make 100 octillion cookies just from antimatter condensers
Now the dark days are gone Make 1 nonillion cookies just from prisms

Buildings Owned AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
You and the beanstalk Have 350 farms
Romancing the stone Have 350 mines
Ex machina Have 350 factories
And I need it now Have 350 banks
Pray on the weak Have 350 temples
It's a kind of magic Have 350 wizard towers
Make it so Have 350 shipments
All that glitters is gold Have 350 alchemy labs
H̸̷͓̳̳̯̟͕̟͍͍̣͡ḛ̢̦̰̺̮̝͖͖̘̪͉͘͡ ̠̦͕̤̪̝̥̰̠̫̖̣͙̬͘ͅC̨̦̺̩̲̥͉̭͚̜̻̝̣̼͙̮̯̪o̴̡͇̘͎̞̲͇̦̲͞͡m̸̩̺̝̣̹̱͚̬̥̫̳̼̞̘̯͘ͅẹ͇̺̜́̕͢s̶̙̟̱̥̮̯̰̦͓͇͖͖̝͘͘͞


Have 350 portals
Way back then Have 350 time machines
Exotic matter Have 350 antimatter condensers
At the end of the tunnel Have 350 prisms
Tricentennial Have at least 300 of everything

Buildings Levels AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
Freaky jazz hands Reach level 10 cursors
Methuselah Reach level 10 grandmas
Huge tracts of land Reach level 10 farms
D-d-d-d-deeper Reach level 10 mines
Patently genius Reach level 10 factories
A capital idea Reach level 10 banks
It belongs in a bakery Reach level 10 temples
Motormouth Reach level 10 wizard towers
Been there done that Reach level 10 shipments
Phlogisticated substances Reach level 10 alchemy labs
Bizarro world Reach level 10 portals
The long now Reach level 10 time machines
Chubby hadrons Reach level 10 antimatter condensers
Palettable Reach level 10 prisms

Sugar lumps AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
Dude, sweet Harvest 7 coalescing sugar lumps
Sugar rush Harvest 30 coalescing sugar lumps
Year’s worth of cavities Harvest 365 coalescing sugar lumps
Hand picked Successfully harvest sugar lump before it’s ripe
Sugar sugar Harvest a bifurcated sugar lump
All natural cane sugar Harvest a golden sugar lump
Sweetmeats Harvest a meaty sugar lump

Spells AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
Bibbidi bobbidi boo Cast 9 spells
I’m the wiz Cast 99 spells
A wizard is you Cast 999 spells

Golden Cookie AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description ID
Four-leaf cookie Have four golden cookies simultaneously


Ongoing research...



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