CookieCheat Version: 2.6.3 DOES NOT work with Cookie Clicker Version 2.002!

Also the creator has said "I think I won't update #CookieCheat. There has been too much changes for me to update easily. Sorry." 6:43 AM - 28 Jul 2016

This cheat interface created by Ninetainedo adds a "CookieCheat" button to the game. It's a heavily used cheat engine. It has been used more than 1,000,000 times since it came out ! The button opens a new menu which allows players to cheat in a more user-friendly way with minimal interaction with the browser console.

Contact the creator of the cheat interface here: @Ninetainedo

CURRENT VERSION : 2.6.3     (Released March, the 3rd of 2016)

The 2.6.3 is still in a supposed unstable state. You MUST reset CookieCheat as soon as you start using the version 2.6.3!

2.6.3 Pastebin backup :

Please, report anything in the comment section below or directly on Twitter : Ninetainedo



In the current version, 2.0, the following features are available:

-New clear view with different tabs (Tool, Cheat, Mod)

- An advanced save manager! You can manage an infinity of saves and switch really easily !

- A list of the golden cookies effects. You can enable/disable them as you want and instantly spawn one of them !

- Auto click the big cookie. And set the clicking speed. It also shows you how many clicks it did.

- Auto click each golden cookie when they appear. It tells you how many golden cookies it clicked.

- Spawn a golden cookie NOW! It won't give you the "Cheated cookies taste awful" achievement.

CookieCheat - Best to worst !


CookieCheat - This is long...

- Automatically buy the specified building until its amount reaches the specified amount.

- Automatically buy the specified upgrade when it's possible (Select the upgrade from the list or type its name).

- Your building list and your upgrade list are saved into your browser so when you'll open the cheat again after restarting the browser, they will be here.


- Added an easter egg !
- Added a way to give yourself <amount> cookies.
- Added an option to automatically keep 1% of your CpS safe. (For lucky)


- Reworked the code to reorganize it.
- Added "One mind" to the upgrade blacklist.
- Fixed some issues with the latest version


- Added tabs to reorganize the interface : "Tool", "Cheat" and "Mod".
- Added several options to Cookies safe. It can help you keeping cookies for "Lucky" or "Lucky+Frenzy". You also can ask to the CookieGod to warn you if you are about to do a mistake. Moreover, there is now a little box which tells you if you are above or below the limit !
- You can now sell your buildings with CookieCheat. It allows you to sell everything at once. You also can sell 10 <obj> or all <obj. (E.G : "Sell 10 Cursors" or "Sell all your cursors")
- In the "Cheat" tab, the CookieGod will warn you about "Infinity" cookies. He hates it so he won't let do bad things !
- You are now able to give yourself Heavenly chips ! (The CookieGod doesn't like Infinity about Heavenly chips neither !)
- You can autoClick the wrinklers !
- You can SET the building amount ! For all at once or specifically!
- In the "Mod" tab, there is a number shortener. It will let you choose among several ways to write numbers in the game ! ;)
- There now is a "Reset CookieCheat" button. It will reset everything!


- Added a "Remaining time" option !
- Added a "Optimal building" option !


Hey guys ! You want me to add some features ? Tell me here and I'll probably do it !! You also can contact me on Twitter : @Ninetainedo

Bug reportsEdit

Oh my god... You found a bug on my beautiful/perfectly fine/awesome/etc interface ???!! Please tell me here and the CookieGod will really thank you ! You also can contact me on Twitter : @Ninetainedo

All Bug reports will be read and fixed immediately. Thank you for your cooperation!

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