Competitive play

Call outs include: cookie, facts, grandmlings, ships, SCVs, and Alchs

"I played CS 1.6, I played UT 2004, I played Quake, but no game required the skills and quick mind of Cookie Clicker.  Nothing compared" -  Anonymous

Early HoursEdit

The Pro Scene was pioneered by /v/ users a couple of hours after the Cookie Clicker thread was made.  


Factory Rush: Enduring the pain and attempting to rush factories.

Grandmlings: Build grandmas a lot and rush the alchemy lab for the double dosh effect.

The Rule of Being Efficient: Compare the income of the next possible upgrade to the cost of said upgrade; the next upgrade purchased should be the one with the highest income/cost ratio. Cookie Clicker Optimizer, for example, expresses this ratio as "upgrade value". This strategy doesn't work well in short duration competitions because sometimes in the early game, the most efficient building is so expensive that building something else before would make you get the cookies needed to buy the efficient building earlier than if you just waited, as expressed in the efficiency metric of Frozen Cookies.

Winning Edit

In competitive play, the match is won by the first person to reach 50 portals.  Rules are subject to change due to the changing nature of Cookie Clicker.

Other ways to playEdit

  • Timed Method: This method is commonly used if you do not have the time to play any of the other ways. To play, you simply set a timer to whatever time your league agrees on and you see who can achieve the highest amount of cookies in that time.
  • Cookie Method: This method is used for hardcore players. To play, you just play until one person has reached 1,000,000,000,000,000 (or whatever amount your league agrees on). It is very time consuming, and not recommended.