Cookie Clicker Optimizer is a web-based utility that helps you determine the most cost-effective upgrade at any time based on your current CpS (cookies per second) and multipliers. Due to being web-based it works great on mobile devices as well.  Available for everyone here:

Now you can import your save straight out of Cookie Clicker into the Optimizer and it fills out everything for you! Awesome!

Currently supports Cookie Clicker v.1.0393. Version 1.0393_2 added new logic to always display at least 2 decimals to help when numbers get really small.


Cookie Clicker Optimizer - A web-based cookie calculator:


Cookie Clicker Optimizer is a robust calculator that factors in all upgrades and multipliers to help you determine the most cost-effective purchases to make in the game. It also displays max golden cookie bonus (frenzy + lucky cookie), and allows you to provide your average clicking speed to better weight clicking-based upgrades. Best of all, because it's web-based it works great on mobile devices of all kinds.

We intend to keep this utility up to date as Cookie Clicker grows and formulas change. Still, we might miss something here and there. If you see something wrong, or have suggestions for what could be added, let us know!

How to useEdit

Cookie Clicker Optimizer Instructions

Visual overview of how to use Cookie Clicker Optimizer

Cookie Clicker Optimizer is independent of Cookie Clicker and does not automatically load any data for you. You can populate it by pasting in an exported save, or you can manually enter your current milk and prestige multipliers, amount of each building owned, and upgrades you have purchased. Optionally you can change your "Clicks per second" value if you click faster or slower than the default, which will help determine the value of clicking-related upgrades.

Once all the data is entered, your CpS, golden cookie bonus, and upgrade values of all available purchases are shown. Upgrade values are in units of CpS per million cookies spent; the higher the upgrade value, the more cost-effective the upgrade is to you. For example, a building or upgrade with an upgrade value of 139 will pay for itself in two hours (3600 seconds); one with an upgrade value of 278 will pay for itself in one hour.

Cookie Clicker Optimizer updates in real-time as you check off new purchases and update the number of buildings owned, as well as removes the values of upgrades you already own, so you can always see which upgrade to purchase next (if you so choose).

Importing SavesEdit

Cookie Clicker Optimizer can now import your save straight out of Cookie Clicker itself! No more clicking 130 upgrades or Alt+Tabbing back and forth to see your total buildings. Just click Menu on Cookie Clicker, and click the "Export Save" button. Then copy the long string it gives you in the little popup.


Click Menu and click "Export Save"

With the save string copied, switch over to Cookie Clicker Optimizer and click the "Import Save" button. Paste the code from Cookie Clicker into the window that pops up, click OK, and all your buildings, upgrades, and chips/milk should be automatically filled in! Whooaaa!!


Importing save to Cookie Clicker Optimizer.

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