Beta Achievemts are badges you earn for achieving certain goals, and each one increases the amount of Milk you have. They were introduced in version 1.026; as of version 1.907, there are 247 Normal Achievements, 6 Shadow Achievements, 6 Disabled Achievements, (plus 4 Achievements only obtainable in the Dungeons beta). Normal Achievements increase milk percentage by 4% each, so the maximum is 988% milk; Shadow Achievements do not affect milk. The number shown on the Stats page includes all Normal Achievements (which are all earned by default) as well as any Shadow Achievements you have earned (which are uncounted until you earn them). For example, if you have 100 Normal Achievements and no Shadow Achievements, you would see 100/247 on the Stats page. If you then completed 6 Shadow Achievements, the number would change to 106/253, since the Shadow Achievements are only counted after you achieve them.

Normal AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description  ID 
Wakenbake Wake and bake Bake 1 cookie. 0
SmallPile Making some dough Bake 1,000 cookies. 1
MediumPile So baked right now Bake 100,000 cookies. 2
LargePile Fledgling bakery Bake 1 million cookies. 3
SemiPile Affluent bakery Bake 100 million cookies. 4
BluePile World-famous bakery Bake 1 billion cookies. 5
GreenPile Cosmic bakery Bake 100 billion cookies. 6
YellowPile Galactic bakery Bake 1 trillion cookies. 7
OrangePile Universal bakery Bake 100 trillion cookies. 8
PinkPile Timeless bakery Bake 1 quadrillion cookies. 9
EarthPile Infinite bakery Bake 100 quadrillion cookies. 10
ShinyPile2 Immortal bakery Bake 1 quintillion cookies. 11
EyePile1 Don't stop me now Bake 100 quintillion cookies. 12
EyePile2 You can stop now Bake 1 sextllion cookies. 13
EyePile3 Cookies all the way down Bake 100 sextllion cookies. 14
EyePile4 Overdose Bake 1 septillion cookies. 15
EyePile5 How? Bake 100 septillion cookies. 223
EyePile6 The land of milk and cookies Bake 1 octillion cookies. 224
EyePile7 He who controls the cookies controls the universe Bake 100 octillion cookies.
"The milk must flow!"
EyePile8 Tonight on Hoarders Bake 1 nonillion cookies. 226
EyePile9 Are you gonna eat all that? Bake 100 nonillion cookies. 227
EyePile10 We're gonna need a bigger bakery Bake 1 decilion cookies. 228
EyePile11 In the mouth of madness Bake 100 decilion cookies.
"A cookie is just what we tell each other it is."
EyePile12 Brought to you by the letter PerfectCookie Bake 100 decilion cookies. 230
Wakenbake Casual baking[note 1] Bake 1 cookie per second. 16
SmallPile Hardcore baking[note 1] Bake 10 cookies per second. 17
MediumPile Steady tasty stream[note 1] Bake 100 cookies per second. 18
SemiPile Mass producer[note 1] Bake 10,000 cookies per second. 20
OrangePile Oh hey, you're still here[note 1] Bake 100 million cookies per second. 24
PinkPile Let's never bake again[note 1] Bake 1 billion cookies per second. 25
EarthPile A world filled with cookies Bake 10 billion cookies per second. 231
ShinyPile2 When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour Bake 100 billion cookies per second. 232
EyePile1 Fast and delicious Bake 1 trillion cookies per second. 233
EyePile2 Cookiehertz: a really, really tasty hertz Bake 10 trillion cookies per second.
"Tastier than a hertz donut, anyway."
EyePile3 Woops, you solved world hunger Bake 100 trillion cookies per second. 235
EyePile4 Turbopuns Bake 1 quadrillion cookies per second.
"Mother Nature will be like "slowwwww dowwwwwn"."
EyePile5 Faster menner Bake 10 quadrillion cookies per second. 237
EyePile6 And yet you're still hungry Bake 100 quadrillion cookies per second. 238
EyePile7 The Abakening Bake 1 quintillion cookies per second. 239
EyePile8 There's really no hard limit to how long these achievement names can be and to be quite honest I'm rather curious to see how far we can go. Adolphus W. Green (1844-1917) started as the Principal of the Groton School in 1864. By 1865, he became second assistant librarian at the New York Mercantile Library; from 1867 to 1869, he was promoted to full librarian. From 1896 to 1973, he worked for Evarts, Southmayd & Choate, a law firm co-founded by William M. Evarts, Charles Ferdinand Southmayd and Joseph Hodges Choate. He was admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1873. Anyway, how's your day been? Bake 10 quintillion cookies per second. 240
EyePile9 Fast Bake 100 quintillion cookies per second.
WhiteArrow Clicktastic Make 1,000 cookies from clicking. 30
PinkArrow Clickathlon Make 100,000 cookies from clicking. 31
BlueArrow Clickolympics Make 10 million cookies from clicking. 32
OrangeArrow Clickorama Make 1 billion cookies from clicking. 33
GoldenArrow Clickasmic Make 100 billion cookies from clicking. 100
Ach clickgeddon Clickageddon Make 10 trillion cookies from clicking. 145
BlackArrow Clicknarok Make 1 quadrillion cookies from clicking. 146
30px Clickastrophe Make 100 quadrillion cookies from clicking. 244
30px Clickataclysm Make 10 quintillion cookies from clicking. 245
WhiteCursor Click Have 1 cursor. 34
DoubleCursor Double-click Have 2 cursors. 35
TripleCursor Mouse wheel Have 50 cursors. 36
PinkCursor Of Mice and Men Have 100 cursors. 37
30px The Digital Have 200 cursors. 38
30px Extreme polydactyly Have 300 cursors. 147
GoldenCursor Dr. T Have 400 cursors. 148
30px Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpals Have 500 cursors.
30px Click delegator Make 10 quintillion cookies just from cursors. 134
30px Finger clickin' good Make 10 sextillion cookies just from cursors. 189
GrandmaAchieve Just wrong Sell a grandma.
"I thought you loved me."
RollingPin Grandma's cookies Have 1 grandma. 40
PinkRollingPin Sloppy kisses Have 50 grandmas. 41
BlueRollingPin Retirement home Have 100 grandmas. 42
OrangeRollingPin Friend of the ancients Have 150 grandmas. 101
GoldenRollingPin Ruler of the ancients Have 200 grandmas. 102
The old never bothered me anyway The old never bothered me anyway Have 250 grandmas. 149
BlackRollingPin The agemaster Have 300 grandmas. 208
30px To oldly go Have 350 grandmas. 209
30px Gushing grannies Make 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas. 135
30px Panic at the bingo Make 10 sextillion cookies just from grandmas. 190
GrandmaAchieve Elder Own at least 7 grandma types. 81
GreenWateringCan My first farm Have 1 farm. 43
PinkWateringCan Reap what you sow Have 50 farms. 44
BlueWateringCan Farm ill Have 100 farms. 45
OrangeWateringCan Perfected agriculture Have 150 farms. 115
GoldenWateringCan Homegrown Have 200 farms. 150
Ach HomeGrown Gardener extraordinaire Have 250 farms. 210
BlackWateringCan Seedy Business Have 300 farms. 250
30px I hate manure Make 10 trillion cookies just from farms. 136
30px Rake in the dough Make 10 quadrillion cookies just from farms. 191
GrayPick You know the drill Have 1 mine. 49
PinkPick Excavation site Have 50 mines. 50
BluePick Hollow the planet Have 100 mines. 51
OrangePick Can you dig it Have 150 mines. 117
GoldenPick The center of the Earth Have 200 mines. 152
The center of the Earth Tectonic ambassador Have 250 mines. 211
BlackPick Freak fracking Have 300 mines. 251
30px Never dig down[note 2] Make 100 trillion cookies just from mines. 138
30px Quarry on Make 100 quadrillion cookies just from mines. 192
Gears Production chain Have 1 factory. 46
PinkGears Industrial revolution Have 50 factories. 47
BlueGears Global warming Have 100 factories. 48
OrangeGears Ultimate automation Have 150 factories. 116
GoldenGears Technocracy Have 200 factories. 151
RustedGears Rise of the machines Have 250 factories. 212
30px Modern times Have 300 factories. 252
30px The incredible machine[note 2] Make 1 quadrillion cookies just from factories. 137
30px Yes I love technology Make 1 quintillion cookies just from factories. 193
Sack Pretty penny Have 1 bank. 171
PinkSack Industrial revolution Have 50 banks. 172
BlueSack Global warming Have 100 banks. 173
OrangeSack A lone in the dark Have 150 banks. 174
GoldenSack It's the economy, stupid Have 200 banks. 175
30px Acquire currency Have 250 banks. 213
30px The nerve of war Have 300 banks. 253
30px Vested interest Make 10 quadrillion cookies just from banks. 186
Idol Your time to shrine Have 1 temple. 176
PinkIdol Shady sect Have 50 temples. 177
BlueIdol New-age cult Have 100 temples. 178
OrangeIdol Organized religion Have 150 temples. 179
GoldenIdol Fanaticism Have 200 temples. 180
30px Zealotry Have 250 temples. 214
30px Wololo Have 300 temples. 254
30px New world order Make 100 quadrillion cookies just from temples. 187
30px Church of Cookiology Make 100 quintillion cookies just from temples. 195
Hat Bewitched Have 1 wizard tower. 181
PinkHat The sorcerer's apprentice Have 50 wizard towers. 182
BlueHat Charms and enchantments Have 100 wizard towers. 183
OrangeHat Curses and maledictions Have 150 wizard towers. 184
GoldenHat Magic kingdom Have 200 wizard towers. 185
30px The wizarding world Have 250 wizard towers. 215
30px And now for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audience Have 300 wizard towers. 255
30px Hocus pocus Make 1 quintillion cookies just from wizard towers. 188
30px Too many rabbits, not enough hats Make 1 sextillion cookies just from wizard towers. 196
Spaceship Expedition Have 1 shipment. 52
PinkSpaceship Galactic highway Have 50 shipments. 53
BlueSpaceship Far far away Have 100 shipments. 54
OrangeSpaceship Type II civilization Have 150 shipments. 118
GoldenSpaceship We come in peace Have 200 shipments. 153
We come in peace Parsec-smasher Have 250 shipments. 216
30px It's not delivery Have 300 shipments. 256
30px And beyond Make 10 quintillion cookies just from shipments. 139
30px The most precious cargo Make 10 sextillion cookies just from shipments. 197
GreenFlask Transmutation Have 1 alchemy lab. 55
PinkFlask Transmogrification Have 50 alchemy labs. 56
BlueFlask Gold member Have 100 alchemy labs. 57
OrangeFlask Gild wars Have 150 alchemy labs. 119
GoldenFlask The secrets of the universe Have 200 alchemy labs. 154
The secrets of the universe The work of a lifetime Have 250 alchemy labs. 217
30px Gold, Jerry! Gold! Have 300 alchemy labs. 257
30px Magnum Opus Make 100 quintillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 140
30px The Aureate Make 100 sextillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 198
RedGalaxy A whole new world Have 1 portal. 58
PinkGalaxy Now you're thinking Have 50 portals. 59
BlueGalaxy Dimensional shift Have 100 portals. 60
OrangeGalaxy Brain-split Have 150 portals. 120
GoldenGalaxy Realm of the Mad God Have 200 portals. 155
WalkThePlanck' A place lost in time Have 250 portals. 218
30px Forbidden Zone Have 300 portals. 258
30px With strange eons Make 1 sextillion cookies just from portals. 141
30px Ever more hideous Make 1 septillion cookies just from portals. 199
PocketWatch Time warp Have 1 time machine. 61
PinkPocketWatch Alternate timeline Have 50 time machines. 62
BluePocketWatch Rewriting history Have 100 time machines. 63
OrangePocketWatch Time duke Have 150 time machines. 121
GoldenPocketWatch Forever and ever Have 200 time machines. 156
ForeverAndEver(1) Heat death Have 250 time machines. 219
30px Spacetime jigamaroo Make 10 sextillion cookies just from time machines. 142
30px Be kind, rewind Make 10 septillion cookies just from time machines. 200
AntiMatterI Antibatter Have 1 antimatter condenser. 87
AntiMatterIII Quirky quarks Have 50 antimatter condensers. 88
BlueAntiMatter It does matter! Have 100 antimatter condensers. 89
OrangeAntiMatter Molecular maestro Have 150 antimatter condensers. 122
GoldenAntiMatter Walk the planck Have 200 antimatter condensers. 157
WalkThePlanck'' Microcosm Have 250 antimatter condensers. 220
30px Scientists baffled everywhere Have 300 antimatter condensers. 260
30px Supermassive Make 100 sextillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 143
30px Infinitesimal Make 100 septillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 201
Prism1 Lone photon Have 1 prism. 123
Prism3 Dazzling glimmer Have 50 prisms. 124
BluePrism Blinding flash Have 100 prisms. 125
OrangePrism Unending glow Have 150 prisms. 126
GoldenPrism Rise and shine Have 200 prisms. 158
RiseAndShine Bright future Have 250 prisms. 221
30px Harmony of the spheres Have 300 prisms. 261
30px Praise the sun Make 1 septillion cookies just from prisms. 144
30px A still more glorious dawn Make 1 octillion cookies just from prisms. 202
GreyColumn Builder Own 100 buildings. 72
PinkColumn Architect Own 500 buildings. 73
30px Engineer Own 1,000 buildings. 83
30px Lord of Constructs Own 1,500 buildings.
"He saw the vast plains stretching ahead of him, and he said: let there be civilization."
Flask2 Enhancer Purchase 20 upgrades. 74
Ultrascience Augmenter Purchase 50 upgrades. 75
BlueFlask1 Upgrader Purchase 100 upgrades. 90
30px Lord of Progress Purchase 150 upgrades
"One can always do better. But should you?"
PolymathAchieve Polymath Own 300 upgrades and 3,000 buildings.
"Excellence doesn't happen overnight - it usually takes a good couple days."
GrandmaAchieve The elder scrolls Own a combined 777 grandmas and cursors.
"Let me guess. Someone stole your cookie."
30px One with everything Have at least 1 of every building. 64
30px Mathematician Have at least 1 of the most expensive object, 2 of the second-most expensive object, 4 of the next and so on (capped at 128). 65
30px Base 10 Have at least 10 of the most expensive object, 20 of the second-most expensive, 30 of the next and so on. 66
30px Centennial Have at least 100 of everything. 91
Centenial Centennial and a half Have at least 150 of everything. 131
30px Bicentennial Have at least 200 of everything.
"You crazy person."
30px Bicentennial and a half Have at least 250 of everything.
"Keep on truckin'."
LargePileGoldenCookie A stroke of luck Click 27 golden cookies. 69
BluePileGoldenCookie Fortune Click 77 golden cookies.
"You should really go to bed."
CloverPile Leprechaun Click 777 golden cookies. 84
CatPawPile Black cat's paw Click 7,777 golden cookies. 85
Naughty list What's in a name Give your bakery a name. 170
ExclamationMark Here you go Click this achievement's slot.
"All you had to do was ask."
TabloidAchieve Tabloid addiction Click on the news ticker 50 times.
"Page 6: Mad individual clicks on picture of pastry in a futile attempt to escape boredom!
Also page 6: British parliament ate my baby!"
Ghost-Mouse Uncanny clicker Click really, really fast.
"Well I'll be!"
30px Elder nap Appease the grandmatriarchs at least once.
30px Elder slumber Appease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times.
"our mind
the universe"
30px Elder calm Declare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs.
30px Itchscratcher Burst 1 wrinkler. 105
30px Wrinklesquisher[note 5] Burst 50 wrinklers. 106
30px Moistburster[note 5] Burst 200 wrinklers. 107
SkullCookies Spooky cookies Unlock all 7 Halloween-themed cookie.
Owning this achievement makes Halloween-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.
SantaAchievement Coming to town Reach Santa's 7th form. 109
SantasDominion All hail Santa Reach Santa's final form. 110
A festive hat Let it snow Unlock all 7 Christmas-themed cookies. 111
Reindeer Oh deer Pop 1 reindeer. 112
Reindeer Sleigh of hand[note 5] Pop 50 reindeer. 113
Reindeer Reindeer sleigher[note 5] Pop 200 reindeer. 114
Lovelycookies Lovely cookies Unlock all 6 Valentine-themed cookie. 130
Huntison The hunt is on Unlock 1 egg. 166
Eggingon Egging on Unlock 7 eggs. 167
Egg2 Mass Easteria Unlock 14 eggs. 168
Egg3 Hide & seek champion Unlock all 20 eggs.
Owning this achievement makes eggs drop more frequently in future playthroughs.
30px Here be dragon Complete your dragon's training. 222
30px Rebirth Ascend at least once. 203
30px Resurrection Ascend 10 times. 205
30px Reincarnation Ascend 100 times. 206
CookieSkull Sacrifice Reset your game with 1 million cookies baked.
"Easy come, easy go."
CookieSkull Oblivion Reset your game with 1 billion cookies baked.
"Back to square one."
CookieSkull From scratch Reset your game with 1 trillion cookies baked.
"It's been fun."
RedSkull2 Nihilism Reset your game with 1 quadrillion cookies baked.
"There are many things
that need to be erased"
RedSkull2 Dematerialize Reset your game with 1 quintillion cookies baked.
...where'd the cookies go?"
RedSkull2 Nil zero zilch Reset your game with 1 sextillion cookies baked.
"To summarize : really not very much at all."
RedSkull3 Transcendence Reset your game with 1 septillion cookies baked.
"Your cookies are now on a higher plane of being."
RedSkull3 Obliterate Reset your game with 1 octillion cookies baked.
"Resistance is futile, albeit entertaining."
RedSkull3 Negative void Reset your game with 1 nonillion cookies baked.
"You now have so few cookies that it's almost like you have a negative amount of them."
RedSkull4 To crumbs, you say? Ascend with 1 decillion cookies baked.
"Very well."
Wholesome Wholesome Unlock 100% of your heavenly chips power. 103

Shadow AchievementsEdit

The following achievements do not count towards the Milk percentage, nor will they show up on the stats tab until you have achieved them.

Icon Name Description ID
30px Endless cycle Ascend 1000 times.
"Oh hey, it's you again."
CheatedCookie Cheated cookies taste awful Hack in some cookies. 70
GodComplexNew God complex Name yourself Orteil.
"But that's not you, is it?"
Ss (2014-04-09 at 02.33.03)2 Third-party Use an add-on.
"Some find vanilla to be the most boring flavor."
JustPlainLucky Just plain lucky[note 6] You have 1 chance in 500,000 every second of earning this achievement. 104
30px Last Chance to See Burst the near-extinct shiny wrinkler.

"You monster!"


Disabled AchievementsEdit

These achievements are disabled in beta and can be unlocked only with cheats.

Icon Name Description ID
Ghost-Mouse Neverclick Make 1 million cookies by only having clicked 15 times. 29
Hardcore Hardcore Get to 1 billion cookies baked with no upgrades purchased. 92
SpeedbakingI Speed baking I Get to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes (with no heavenly upgrades). 93
SpeedbakingII Speed baking II Get to 1 million cookies baked in 25 minutes (with no heavenly upgrades). 94
SpeedbakingIII Speed baking III Get to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes (with no heavenly upgrades). 95
Ghost-Mouse True Neverclick Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
"This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?"

Dungeon AchievementsEdit

The following achievements are only obtainable via fair way in 1.037 beta, as they are related to Dungeons. The First pair of them are normal achievemets and the second pair are shadow achievements. In current and new beta versions they can only be obtained via cheating. All of them are shadow achievements.

Icon Name Description ID
Dungeonbasic Getting even with the oven Defeat the Sentient Furnace in the factory dungeons. 96
Dungeonbasic Now this is pod-smashing Defeat the Ascended Baking Pod in the factory dungeons. 97
Chirpedout Chirped out Find and defeat Chirpy, the dysfunctioning alarm bot. 98
Whiterabbit Follow the white rabbit Find and defeat the elusive sugar bunny. 99


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 These achievements do not include Golden Cookie effects or Wrinkler withering.
  2. 2.0 2.1 As of 1.9, there is a bug where the requirements of "Never dig down" and "The incredible machine" are switched.
  3. You can easily get the "Cookie-dunker" achievement by re-sizing the browser window (make sure that Milk is turned on in the Menu).
  4. The tiny cookie is one of the four cookie icons in the "General" section on the Stats page.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Unlike the Golden Cookie achievements, the Wrinkler and Reindeer achievements are counted in a single game, not all time: Doing a soft reset will reset the counter.
  6. About 96 hours and 16 minutes of play are necessary to have 50% of chances to have this achievement.