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Ascended Baking Pod
Level 0
HP 60
Might 12
Guard 14
Speed 4
Dodge 0
Rarity 0.7
Loot Gear: (100%)

  The Ascended Baking Pod is one of the bosses in the Factory Dungeon. He is an Elder Doughling who managed to take control of a baking pod and began to terrorize the humans working at the Factory. It awards the achievement 'Now This is Pod-Smashing' when defeated.


On fighting:

Ascended Baking Pod: rrrrrrrise.

On defeat:

Ascended Baking Pod: blrglblg.


  • The Ascended Baking Pod utters the phrase "rise" when he is engaged in combat, a saying many grandmatriarchs say to describe their uprising, meaning they could possibly be related.
  • You can transfer the achievement 'Now This is Pod-Smashing' over to the live version via export and import saves.

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