The Antimatter Condenser is the third most expensive building, costing 170 trillion cookies. Each antimatter condenser initially produces 430 million cookies per second.


Icon Name Description ID
ParticlesNew Antibatter Have 1 antimatter condenser. 87
PinkParticlesNew Quirky quarks Have 50 antimatter condensers. 88
CyanParticlesNew It does matter! Have 100 antimatter condensers. 89
OrangeParticlesNew Molecular maestro Have 150 antimatter condensers. 122
GoldParticlesNew Walk the planck Have 200 antimatter condensers. 157
RustedParticlesNew Microcosm Have 250 antimatter condensers. 220
BlackParticlesNew Scientists baffled everywhere Have 300 antimatter condensers. 260
ExoticMatter Exotic matter Have 350 antimatter condensers. 291
Antimatter Monument1 v15 Supermassive Make 100 sextillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 143
Antimatter Monument2 v15 Infinitesimal Make 100 septillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 201
BALLZ Powers of ten Make 100 octillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 305
Strings Chubby hadrons Reach level 10 antimatter condensers. 319


Icon Name Quantity needed Base price (cookies) Description ID
ParticlesNew Sugar bosons 1 1.7 quadrillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"Sweet firm bosons."
PinkParticlesNew String theory 5 8.5 quadrillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"Reveals new insight about the true meaning of baking cookies (and, as a bonus, the structure of the universe)."
CyanParticlesNew Large macaron collider 25 85 quadrillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"How singular!"
OrangeParticlesNew Big bang bake 50 8.5 quintillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"And that's how it all began."
GoldParticlesNew Reverse cyclotrons 100 850 quintillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"These can uncollision particles and unspin atoms. For... uh... better flavor, and stuff."
RustedParticlesNew Nanocosmics 150 85 sextillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"The theory of nanocosmics posits that each subatomic particle is in fact its own self-contained universe, holding unfathomable amounts of energy."
BlackParticlesNew The Pulse 200 85 septillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"You've tapped into the very pulse of the cosmos, a timeless rhythm along which every material and antimaterial thing beats in unison. This, somehow, means more cookies."
SilverParticlesNew Some other super-tiny fundamental particle? Probably? 250 85 octillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"When even the universe is running out of ideas, that's when you know you're nearing the end."
Hazelrald Quanta Quantum comb 300 85 nonillion Antimatter condensers are twice as efficient.
"Quantum entanglement is one of those things that are so annoying to explain that we might honestly be better off without it. This is finally possible thanks to the quantum comb!"

Grandma FormEdit

Purchasing 15 Antimatter Condensers allows for the purchasing of a Grandma upgrade and a new Grandma type.

Icon Name Quantity Needed Price (cookies) Description ID #
GrandmaAchieveNew Antigrandmas 15 antimatter condensers and 1 grandma 8.5 quadrillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. Antimatter condensers gain +1% CpS per 11 grandmas.
"A mean antigrandma to vomit more cookies.
(Do not put in contact with normal grandmas; loss of matter may occur.)"


  • The most Antimatter Condensers you can buy in the Live (not beta) version is 4921.  After that, the price is too high a number for the computer to process and it says infinity, which will not work even if you set your cookies to infinity.  You can however, use certain add-ons or set the prices lower in order to buy more.
  • The upgrades' names are all references to current research subjects in theoretical physics, as is the Antimatter Condenser itself.
    • The "Sugar bosons" upgrade is a reference to the bosons of physics. They are: the photon, the gluon, the W boson, the Z boson, and the Higgs boson. (A 6th: the graviton, has been predicted but not observed yet, although there is strong evidence to suggest their existence.)
    • The "String theory" upgrade is a reference to the actual string theory in theoretical physics.
    • The "Large macaron collider" upgrade is a reference to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Its description "How singular!" is a reference to the singularities (black holes) which some have feared the LHC would produce.
    • The "Big bang bake" upgrade is a reference to the big bang theory, the colloquial name for theories in which the Universe started from a singularity.
  • During the initial two hours the v1.036 update was live, Antimatter Condensers had a base cost of 999,999,999 cookies, and the costs of its upgrades did not have the leading 3s. The prices were adjusted in an unlisted update.
  • This is the only building to have a fixed distance between each building on the X axis.
    • Probably to make it look like the condensers are fixed to its background's vertical conveyor belts.
  • The "Nanocosmics" upgrade is a reference to Orteil's other game, Nested, in which universes could be found inside the smallest particles.
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