This is a combination of several different spreadsheets and works for Cookie Clicker Classic 0.126 (1st tab) and Cookie Clicker 1.0383 (2nd tab) and the Cookie Clicker 1.037 beta (3rd tab). It also has a fourth tab for managing up to 15 saves which can be expanded to how many are needed.

This spreadsheet is intended for use in Office 2010 or Office 2013. Office 2007 might have some issues with the conditional formatting. Every version of the spreadsheet can be viewed online (and edited, but only if you hit download before you close it) or downloaded via SkyDrive. Starting with version 1.036, I have additionally uploaded an OpenDocument edition of the spreadsheets to use in Apache's OpenOffice or StarOffice, ect for the users who don't have office, but do note, that its only created every major revision.
Advanced Cookie Clicker 1.036a Classic Sheet

Cookie Clicker Classic

Advanced Cookie Clicker 1.036a sheet2

Main Cookie Clicker Sheet


The author of this spreadsheet is Thals1992. Please attribute the work if you want to share any variation based on this spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is available for anyone to tweak as needed, but if anyone is going to rerelease the spreadsheet, please leave my username somewhere on it. (I'm not using a CC license)

Manually UpdatingEdit

If anyone wants to know how I've been updating my spreadsheet, it's fairly straight forward.

I know I haven't quite been on top of things recently and have missed two updates. I've added this manual update procedure to help assist the few users who use this.

  1. I download the latest Spreadsheet Simulator from mediafire.
  2. The following blocks can be pasted verbatim.
    1. C1 to K2 (from Click to blazar)
    2. I3 to K4 (download the newest Version to thals1992)
    3. D16 to L17 (Paste save to # o' upgrades)
    4. Edit cell L16 and change the "F135" to whatever the last cell is.
    5. Edit C4
      1. Add an extra set of parentheses around everything there after the equal sign.
      2. Cut all the text and save for later use
      3. Add "(IF(G16=0," (exclude the quotes)
      4. Paste the text back in.
      5. Add another comma, and then paste again.
      6. Finally add "*I16"
    6. Grab the bottom right of the F132 cell and drag down to cover F135. (this is only for consistence of the spreadsheet)
    7. Highlight E6 to whatever latest building will be.
    8. On Office 2010, under Home and then Styles, click on Conditional Formatting. You will want to pick a data bar. Chose any color you like.
    9. Highlight cells E18 to whatever latest upgrade will be.
    10. Hold the ctrl button and click on E132. (This excludes that cell from our selection.)
    11. Repeat Step 7

The works this was based off of...Edit

How To UseEdit

Either utilize the HELP button inside the spreadsheet or follow here.

In the blue boxes insert how many of the said objects your have.


The versions that include a bar graph, the shortest bar is the best (It will also be highlighted) and the longest is the worst.


For 1.031Edit

At the moment the clicks aren't exact, it needs tweaked again. =/

Also, Its missing the new achievements. So its only for 1.031

For 1.032Edit

None as far as I know... Let me know about any in the comments section below.

For 1.036Edit

The total cookies per second are off. I'm not sure where the problem lies beyond that.

For 1.0375Edit

Not that anybody noticed, but Sacrificial rolling pins are missing from the upgrade list. Not that it has any effect on anything directly.

For 1.0383Edit

I added the new upgrades by hand as I couldn't wait for blazar to update his spreadsheet, so I went ahead and added the new stuff. Let me know below if somthing broke!


Here's the latest .XLSX (Office 2007-Office 2013) direct download.

Cookie Clicker 1.0393

Here's the latest .ODT (StarOffice/Apache's OpenOffice) direct download.

Cookie Clicker 1.0393

Here's the latest web edit edition.

Cookie Clicker 1.0393

Here's the entire folder all the past and future works will be stored.

Everything available in that folder is comprised of .xlsx (Office 2007-2013) and .odt (StarOffice/Apache OpenOffice) files.

Embedded SpreadsheetEdit


Upcoming?: Built-in save decoder and encoder that will auto populate all of the fields using macros. (Hint: It might come back, depends on demand and if macros become banned from this wiki.)

1.0383a: Added a new cheating page, fixed the prices of various upgrades. Thats about it.....

1.0383: Quickly Updated to support the newest update.

1.0375c: Added a save manager and some minor enhancements to all of the spreadsheets. 

1.0375b: Added a new beta tab and added a few upgrades.

1.0375a: Moved everything around. Added a Heavenly Calculator feature.

1.0375: Added new frenzy feature. Wasn't too hard to do.

1.036a: Added the auto-recovered work. This update isn't going to be converted back into .ODS.

1.036: Updated both Cookie Clicker Classic sheet and Cookie Clicker sheets. I had lost some work in there, but it might be inside the

1.035: Updated and credited blazar as the original author.

1.032: Updated the new cookie clicker stuff and added features to Cookie Clicker Classic.

Release: works on 1.031, apparently missing the new upgrades and achievements.

Feature RequestsEdit

Guests can edit this last part of the wiki to request new features.

NOTE: when you post your feature request add four tildes(~) at the end to sign it with your username.

Example Feature RequestEdit

Example feature, some details of what you want. Possibly, the forumla needed to add the said feature. ect. Thals1992 (talk) 17:57, October 6, 2013 (UTC)

Show the next 5 items that are recommendedEdit

This may take some extra time as you're just adding the currently suggested upgrade to current metrics and projecting the next but it would be great to have the ability to see what the next 5 purchases that are recommended.  End-game, you typically don't make more than a couple of purchases every few minutes but early on (especially after a reset with a lot of HCs) it would be nice to know that it is saying to buy 1 farm and 4 grandmas...but you have enough to buy 5 grandmas.

Floopsie (talk) 21:31, October 11, 2013 (UTC)

On one of my other versions I had a Signal bar thingy that helped, but the conditional formatting should be good enough. I mean its better than the original that only showed the next to buy item and the max increaseing CpS. I did it before, but it wasn't to my liking. To do that your self just highlight the next+return time buildings (E5:E15) and under styles click on conditional formatting, then icon sets. You will need the order reversed, so the lowest value is the best value. You can also do that for the upgrades, but exclude elder covenant (E136) as that has a negative number.

Thals1992 (talk) 15:19, October 16, 2013 (UTC)

Hotkey/button to jump to suggested purchaseEdit

A simple macro (which might not be compatible with all spreadsheets) or a hotkey to "jump" down to the highlighted upgrade.  I suppose a toggle on/off switch that would automatically jump you there would work too.

Floopsie (talk) 21:31, October 11, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry, but I don't think I'm going to dive into macros. I've tried piddling with them for automatically filling all of the respective feilds once the save is pasted in, but I'm not having a whole lot of luck. It wants to put them all vertically, which I could do without a macro, but its a pain as of this moment.

Thals1992 (talk) 15:19, October 16, 2013 (UTC)

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