There are numerous add-ons for Cookie Clicker that can be added via javascript bookmarks or through your browser console. To open your browser's console, see the instructions here.

Ninetainedo's cheat interface (morte)Edit

Ninetainedo's cheat interface adds a "Cheat" button to the game. This button is on your cookie that you click it opens a new menu which allows you to cheat in a "user-friendly" way. This add-on contains an autoclickan autoclicker for golden cookiesoption to automatically buy the cheapest building of your choice until you reach your desired amount.

Wiki page: CookieCheat

Made by Ninetainedo (Twitter: @Ninetainedo)

Cookie MonsterEdit

Cookie Monster is a useful and complex JavaScript add-on that can be implemented into Cookie Clicker. This add-on is for displaying calculated data to help make purchasing that next Building or Upgrade a bit easier to decide. With many helpful tools, it is an add-on to make Cookie Clicker a little less stressful.

This add-on contains:

  • A timer and alert for golden or wrath cookies
  • Color coded tooltips to recommend what buildings or upgrades you would get the most profit off of
  • A timer based off of your CpS to count how long until you can buy a building.
  • more

Made by Raving Kumquat

Most recently updated version

Cookie BotEdit

Cookie Bot is an addon you can load into Cookie Clicker, that will do an automatic playthrough for Cookie Clicker. It does not cheat (but see below) and it is not strictly speaking a third-party tool in the sense of cookie clicker, but it allows you to get all achievments needed for a complete playthrough.

The tool is designed to mimic a human player, and it avoids being super-human in terms of clicking speed and possible moves. This includes also not playing at night, i.e. from 23:00 until 07:00. For the night mode, if possible, the golden switch is used together with fitting spirits in order to maximize output.

Cookie Bot will start whereever you are in your game and continue to a complete playthrough. You can also run it as underlying boost and still play yourself.

Most recently updated version

Frozen CookiesEdit

Frozen Cookies Note: Has Been Forked Confirmed Working as of V 2.0045

The add-on adds:

  • Long number shortening. (convert 1,234,567,890 to 1.235 billion)
  • Calculates the most efficient next purchase.
  • Optionally, will automatically buy that most efficient next purchase.
  • Calculates all sorts of stuff having to do with Golden Cookies.
  • Optionally, will automatically click Golden Cookies when they appear.
  • Calculates all sorts of stuff having to do with Heavenly Chips.
  • More


MultiCookie allows users to have multiple saves if needed.

Made by Cokegod

Most recently updated version (no confirmation)

Heavenly CalcEdit

Heavenly Calc is an application to help you with your prestiges. It can calculate the amount of Heavenly Chips you will get when reset, and the amount of Cookies needed to earn a certain number of Heavenly Chips.

Made by Razieltakato

Most recently updated version

Spreadsheet SimulatorEdit

Spreadsheet Simulator, Excel 2010 Spreadsheet to simulate and calculate most cost-effective buying item.

Made by Blazar Blazar

Most recently updated version

CookieClicker BotsEdit

Cookieclicker Bots is a nearly complete suite for automated game.

Cookie CrateEdit

Cookie Crate uses browser notifications to display interesting game events. Browser notifications are displayed as popups on top of all active desktop windows, so important information will not be missed if the game is played with the window in the background!

Notifications can be selectively enabled in the menu so you will only see the things you want.

Works with Cookie Clicker v.1.0465 and can run in combination with other add-ons such as Cookie Monster or Cookie Master. Doesn't work on latest versions of Cookie Clicker (as of July 2017)


Note: Doesn't work with v1.0466, and instead requires the Beta.

TriggerCookies provides an interface to create and load mods that all work together.

TriggerCookies comes with a large supply of mods that already cover most areas of the game. You can pick and choose which ones you like, or make your own mods that better suit your needs.

Included Mods: AutoCookie, StatCookie, EnhanceCookie, HotfixCookie, and CheatCookie


CookieMaster is a browser plugin for Cookie Clicker. It offers many useful features, statistics and options to help you get the most out of the game.

Wiki page: CookieMaster

GitHub page: CookieMaster on GitHub

Shortcuts add-onEdit

This small add-on adds keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to load other add-ons and switch between menus.

M = Open Main menu.

S = Open Stats menu.

U = Open Updates menu.

C = Load CookieCheat add-on or open its menu, if it's loaded.

F = Load Frozen Cookies add-on or open its menu, if it's loaded.

O = Load Cookie Monster add-on.

A = Load CookieMaster add-on or open its menu, if it's loaded or switch to another CookieMaster menu.

R = Load Cookie Crate add-on.

Note that this add-on will only allow you to load 1 other add-on because they can conflict with each other. The only exception is Cookie Crate, as that works with any add-on.

To enable this add-on make a bookmark with this code

 javascript:( function () { = 0;
 	window.two = 0;
 	window.three = 0;
 	function Sorry() {
 		Game.Notify("You can't enable another add-on (except of Cookie Crate). Sorry.");
 	function Press(e) {
 		var l = String.fromCharCode(e.which).toLowerCase();
 		if (l == 'm' || l == 'ь')
 		else if (l == 's' || l == 'ы')
 		else if (l == 'u' || l == 'г')
 		else if (l == 'c' || l == 'с') {
 			if ( == 0) {
 				var script = document.createElement('script');
 				script.setAttribute('src', '<nowiki/>');
 				document.body.appendChild(script); = 'c';
 			else if ( != 'c')
 		else if (l == 'f' || l == 'а') {
 			if ( == 0) {
 				var js = document.createElement('script');
 				js.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
 				js.setAttribute('id', 'frozenCookieScript');
 				js.setAttribute('src', '<nowiki/>');
 				document.head.appendChild(js); = 'f';
 			else if ( != 'f')
 		else if (l == 'o' || l == 'щ') {
 			if ( == 0) {
 				Game.LoadMod('<nowiki/>'); = 'o';
 			else if ( != 'o')
 		else if (l == 'a' || l == 'ф'){
 			if ( == 0) {
 				with(document)(head.appendChild(createElement('script')).src ='//'; = 'a';
 			else if ( != 'a')
 			else if (window.two == 0) {
 			else {
 		else if (l == 'r' || l == 'к'){
 			if (window.three == 0) {
 	document.onkeypress = Press;
 	Game.Notify('Shortcuts enabled');