For achievements in beta versions, see Cookie Clicker Beta.

All achievements in version 2.0. Four dungeon achievements at the end of this list that aren't listed on this page can be unlocked only in Dungeons Beta or via cheating.

Achievements are badges you earn for achieving certain goals, and each one increases the amount of milk you have. They were introduced in version 1.026; as of version 2.002, there are 252 normal achievements and 10 shadow achievements (plus 4 dungeon achievements only obtainable in the Dungeons beta). Normal achievements increase milk percentage by 4% each to a maximum of 1,008% milk. Shadow achievements do not affect milk.

The number shown on the stats page includes all normal achievements (which are all earned by default) as well as any shadow achievements you have earned (which are uncounted until you earn them). For example, if you have 100 normal achievements and no shadow achievements, you would see 100/252 on the stats page. If you then completed 5 shadow achievements, the number would change to 105/257, since the shadow achievements are only counted after you achieve them.

Normal AchievementsEdit

Cookies bakedEdit

Icon Name Description ID 
Cookie achiev 01 v15 Wake and bake Bake 1 cookie 0
Cookie achiev 02 v15 Making some dough Bake 1,000 cookies. 1
Cookie achiev 03 v15 So baked right now Bake 100,000 cookies. 2
Cookie achiev 04 v15 Fledgling bakery Bake 1 million cookies. 3
Cookie achiev 05 v15 Affluent bakery Bake 100 million cookies. 4
Cookie achiev 06 v15 World-famous bakery Bake 1 billion cookies. 5
Cookie achiev 07 v15 Cosmic bakery Bake 100 billion cookies. 6
Cookie achiev 08 v15 Galactic bakery Bake 1 trillion cookies. 7
Cookie achiev 09 v15 Universal bakery Bake 100 trillion cookies. 8
Cookie achiev 10 v15 Timeless bakery Bake 1 quadrillion cookies. 9
Cookie achiev 11 v15 Infinite bakery Bake 100 quadrillion cookies. 10
Cookie achiev 12 v15 Immortal bakery Bake 1 quintillion cookies. 11
Cookie achiev 13 v15 Don't stop me now Bake 100 quintillion cookies. 12
Cookie achiev 14 v15 You can stop now Bake 1 sextillion cookies. 13
Cookie achiev 15 v15 Cookies all the way down Bake 100 sextillion cookies. 14
Cookie achiev 16 v15 Overdose Bake 1 septillion cookies. 15
Cookie achiev 17 v15 How? Bake 100 septillion cookies. 223
Cookie achiev 18 v15 The land of milk and cookies Bake 1 octillion cookies. 224
Cookie achiev 19 v15 He who controls the cookies controls the universe Bake 100 octillion cookies.

"The milk must flow!"

Cookie achiev 20 v15 Tonight on hoarders Bake 1 nonillion cookies. 226
Cookie achiev 21 v15 Are you gonna eat all that? Bake 100 nonillion cookies. 227
Cookie achiev 22 v15 We're gonna need a bigger bakery Bake 1 decillion cookies. 228
Cookie achiev 23 v15 In the mouth of madness Bake 100 decillion cookies.

"A cookie is just what we tell each other it is."

Cookie achiev 24 v15 Brought to you by the letter Money Bake 1 undecillion cookies. 230
Cookie achiev 01 v15 Casual baking [note 1] Bake 1 cookie per second. 16
Cookie achiev 02 v15 Hardcore baking [note 1] Bake 10 cookies per second. 17
Cookie achiev 03 v15 Steady tasty stream [note 1] Bake 100 cookies per second. 18
Cookie achiev 05 v15 Mass producer [note 1] Bake 10,000 cookies per second. 20
Cookie achiev 09 v15 Oh hey, you're still here [note 1] Bake 100 million cookies per second. 24
Cookie achiev 10 v15 Let's never bake again [note 1] Bake 1 billion cookies per second. 25
Cookie achiev 11 v15 A world filled with cookies [note 1] Bake 10 billion cookies per second. 231
Cookie achiev 12 v15 When this baby hits 360 trillion per hour [note 1] Bake 100 billion cookies per second. 232
Cookie achiev 13 v15 Fast and Delicious [note 1] Bake 1 trillion cookies per second. 233
Cookie achiev 14 v15 Cookiehertz: a really, really tasty hertz [note 1] Bake 10 trillion cookies per second.

"Tastier than a hertz donut, anyway."

Cookie achiev 15 v15 Woops, you solved world hunger [note 1] Bake 100 trillion cookies per second. 235
Cookie achiev 16 v15 Turbopuns [note 1] Bake 1 quadrillion cookies per second.

"Mother Nature will be like "slowwwww dowwwwwn"."

Cookie achiev 17 v15 Faster Menner [note 1] Bake 10 quadrillion cookies per second. 237
Cookie achiev 18 v15 And yet you're still hungry [note 1] Bake 100 quadrillion cookies per second. 238
Cookie achiev 19 v15 The Abakening [note 1] Bake 1 quintillion cookies per second. 239
Cookie achiev 20 v15 There's really no hard limit to how long these achievement names can be and to be quite honest I'm rather curious to see how far we can go.

Adolphus W. Green (1844-1917) started as the Principal of the Groton School in 1864. By 1865, he became second assistant librarian at the New York Mercantile Library; from 1867 to 1869, he was promoted to full librarian. From 1869 to 1873, he worked for Evarts, Southmayd & Choate, a law firm co-founded by William M. Evarts, Charles Ferdinand Southmayd and Joseph Hodges Choate. He was admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1873.

Anyway, how's your day been? I am wondering if you read all this. [note 1]

Bake 10 quintillion cookies per second. 240
Cookie achiev 21 v15 Fast [note 1] Bake 100 quintillion cookies per second.




Icon Name Description ID 
Arrow Plain v15 Clicktastic

Make 1,000 cookies from clicking.

Arrow Berrylium v15 Clickathlon Make 100,000 cookies from clicking. 31
Arrow Blueberrylium v15 Clickolympics Make 10 million cookies from clicking. 32
Arrow Chalcedhoney v15 Clickorama Make 1 billion cookies from clicking. 33
Arrow Buttergold v15 Clickasmic Make 100 billion cookies from clicking. 100
Arrow Sugarmuck v15 Clickageddon Make 10 trillion cookies from clicking. 145
Arrow Jetmint v15 Clicknarok Make 1 quadrillion cookies from clicking. 146
Arrow Cherrysilver v15 Clickastrophe Make 100 quadrillion cookies from clicking. 244
Arrow Hazelrald v15 Clickataclysm Make 10 quintillion cookies from clicking. 245

Building countsEdit

Icon Name Description ID 
CursorNew Click Have 1 cursor. 34
DoubleCursor Plain v15 Double-click Have 2 cursors. 35
TripleCursor Plain v15 Mouse wheel Have 50 cursors. 36
PinkCursorNew Of Mice and Men Have 100 cursors. 37
CyanCursorNew The Digital Have 200 cursors. 38
OrangeCursorNew Extreme polydactyly Have 300 cursors. 147
GoldCursorNew Dr. T Have 400 cursors. 148
RustedCursorNew Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpals Have 500 cursors.


Cursor Monument1 v15 Click delegator [note 2] Make 10 quintillion cookies just from cursors. 134
Cursor Monument2 v15 Finger clickin' good [note 2] Make 10 sextillion cookies just from cursors. 189
GrandmaAchieveNew Just wrong Sell a grandma.
"I thought you loved me."
RollingPinNew Grandma's cookies Have 1 grandma. 40
PinkRollingPinNew Sloppy kisses Have 50 grandmas. 41
CyanRollingPinNew Retirement home Have 100 grandmas. 42
OrangeRollingPinNew Friend of the ancients Have 150 grandmas. 101
GoldRollingPinNew Ruler of the ancients Have 200 grandmas. 102
RustedRollingPinNew The old never bothered me anyway Have 250 grandmas. 149
BlackRollingPinNew The agemaster Have 300 grandmas. 208
SilverRollingPinNew To oldly go Have 350 grandmas. 209
RollingPin Monument1 v15 Gushing grannies [note 2] Make 10 quintillion cookies just from grandmas. 135
RollingPin Monument2 v15 Panic at the bingo [note 2] Make 10 sextillion cookies just from grandmas. 190
GrandmaAchieveNew Elder Own at least 7 grandma types. 81
WateringCanNew My first farm Have 1 farm. 43
PinkWateringCanNew Reap what you sow Have 50 farms. 44
CyanWateringCanNew Farm ill Have 100 farms. 45
OrangeWateringCanNew Perfected agriculture Have 150 farms. 115
GoldWateringCanNew Homegrown Have 200 farms. 150
RustedWateringCanNew Gardener extraordinaire Have 250 farms. 210
BlackWateringCanNew Seedy business Have 300 farms. 250
Farm Monument1 v15 I hate manure [note 2] Make 10 trillion cookies just from farms. 136
Farm Monument2 v15 Rake in the dough [note 2] Make 10 quadrillion cookies just from farms. 191
PickNew You know the drill Have 1 mine. 49
PinkPickNew Excavation site Have 50 mines. 50
CyanPickNew Hollow the planet Have 100 mines. 51
OrangePickNew Can you dig it Have 150 mines. 117
GoldPickNew Center of the Earth Have 200 mines. 152
RustedPickNew Tectonic ambassador Have 250 mines. 211
BlackPickNew Freak fracking Have 300 mines. 251
Mine Monument1 v15 Never dig down [note 2] Make 100 trillion cookies just from mines. 137
Mine Monument2 v15 Quarry on [note 2] Make 100 quadrillion cookies just from mines. 192
GearsNew Production chain Have 1 factory. 46
PinkGearsNew Industrial revolution Have 50 factories. 47
CyanGearsNew Global warming Have 100 factories. 48
OrangeGearsNew Ultimate automation Have 150 factories. 116
GoldGearsNew Technocracy Have 200 factories. 151
RustedGearsNew Rise of the machines Have 250 factories. 212
BlackGearsNew Modern times Have 300 factories. 252
Factory Monument1 v15 The incredible machine [note 2] Make 1 quadrillion cookies just from factories. 138
Factory Monument2 v15 Yes I love technology [note 2] Make 1 quintillion cookies just from factories. 193
SackNew Pretty penny Have 1 bank. 171
PinkSackNew Fit the bill Have 50 banks. 172
CyanSackNew A loan in the dark Have 100 banks. 173
OrangeSackNew Need for greed Have 150 banks. 174
GoldSackNew It's the economy, stupid Have 200 banks. 175
RustedSackNew Acquire currency Have 250 banks. 213
BlackSackNew The nerve of war Have 300 banks. 253
Bank Monument1 v15 Vested interest [note 2] Make 10 quadrillion cookies just from banks. 186
Bank Monument2 v15 Paid in full [note 2] Make 10 quintillion cookies just from banks. 194
IdolNew Your time to shrine Have 1 temple. 176
PinkIdolNew Shady sect Have 50 temples. 177
CyanIdolNew New-age cult Have 100 temples. 178
OrangeIdolNew Organized religion Have 150 temples. 179
GoldIdolNew Fanaticism Have 200 temples. 180
RustedIdolNew Zealotry Have 250 temples. 214
BlackIdolNew Wololo Have 300 temples. 254
Temple Monument1 v15 New world order [note 2] Make 100 quadrillion cookies just from temples. 187
Temple Monument2 v15 Church of cookiology [note 2] Make 100 quintillion cookies just from temples. 195
HatNew Bewitched Have 1 wizard tower. 181
PinkHatNew The sorcerer's apprentice Have 50 wizard towers. 182
CyanHatNew Charms and enchantments Have 100 wizard towers. 183
OrangeHatNew Curses and maledictions Have 150 wizard towers. 184
GoldHatNew Magic kingdom Have 200 wizard towers. 185
RustedHatNew The wizarding world Have 250 wizard towers. 215
BlackHatNew And now for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audience Have 300 wizard towers. 255
Wizard Monument1 v15 Hocus Pocus [note 2] Make 1 quintillion cookies just from wizard towers. 188
Wizard Monument2 v15 Too many rabbits, not enough hats [note 2] Make 1 sextillion cookies just from wizard towers. 196
SpaceshipNew Expedition Have 1 shipment. 52
PinkSpaceshipNew Galactic highway Have 50 shipments. 53
CyanSpaceshipNew Far far away Have 100 shipments. 54
OrangeSpaceshipNew Type II civilization Have 150 shipments. 118
GoldSpaceshipNew We come in peace Have 200 shipments. 153
RustedSpaceshipNew Parsec-masher Have 250 shipments. 216
BlackSpaceshipNew It's not delivery Have 300 shipments. 256
Shipment Monument1 v15 And beyond [note 2] Make 10 quintillion cookies just from shipments. 139
Shipment Monument2 v15 The most precious cargo [note 2] Make 10 sextillion cookies just from shipments. 197
FlaskNew Transmutation Have 1 alchemy lab. 55
PinkFlaskNew Transmogrification Have 50 alchemy labs. 56
CyanFlaskNew Gold member Have 100 alchemy labs. 57
OrangeFlaskNew Gild wars Have 150 alchemy labs. 119
GoldFlaskNew The secrets of the universe Have 200 alchemy labs. 154
RustedFlaskNew The work of a lifetime Have 250 alchemy labs. 217
BlackFlaskNew Gold, Jerry! Gold! Have 300 alchemy labs. 257
Alchemy Monument1 v15 Magnum Opus [note 2] Make 100 quintillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 140
Alchemy Monument2 v15 The Aureate [note 2] Make 100 sextillion cookies just from alchemy labs. 198
GalaxyNew A whole new world Have 1 portal. 58
PinkGalaxyNew Now you're thinking Have 50 portals. 59
CyanGalaxyNew Dimensional shift Have 100 portals. 60
OrangeGalaxyNew Brain-split Have 150 portals. 120
GoldGalaxyNew Realm of the Mad God Have 200 portals. 155
RustedGalaxyNew A place lost in time Have 250 portals. 218
BlackGalaxyNew Forbidden zone Have 300 portals. 258
Portal Monument1 v15 With strange eons [note 2] Make 1 sextillion cookies just from portals. 141
Portal Monument2 v15 Ever more hideous [note 2] Make 1 septillion cookies just from portals. 199
PocketWatchNew Time warp Have 1 time machine. 61
PinkPocketWatchNew Alternate timeline Have 50 time machines. 62
CyanPocketWatchNew Rewriting history Have 100 time machines. 63
OrangePocketWatchNew Time duke Have 150 time machines. 121
GoldPocketWatchNew Forever and ever Have 200 time machines. 156
RustedPocketWatchNew Heat death Have 250 time machines. 219
BlackPocketWatchNew cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot com [1] Have 300 time machines. 259
TimeMachine Monument1 v15 Spacetime jigamaroo [note 2] Make 10 sextillion cookies just from time machines. 142
TimeMachine Monument2 v15 Be kind, rewind [note 2] Make 10 septillion cookies just from time machines. 200
ParticlesNew Antibatter Have 1 antimatter condenser. 87
PinkParticlesNew Quirky quarks Have 50 antimatter condensers. 88
CyanParticlesNew It does matter! Have 100 antimatter condensers. 89
OrangeParticlesNew Molecular maestro Have 150 antimatter condensers. 122
GoldParticlesNew Walk the planck Have 200 antimatter condensers. 157
RustedParticlesNew Microcosm Have 250 antimatter condensers. 220
BlackParticlesNew Scientists baffled everywhere Have 300 antimatter condensers. 260
Antimatter Monument1 v15 Supermassive [note 2] Make 100 sextillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 143
Antimatter Monument2 v15 Infinitesimal [note 2] Make 100 septillion cookies just from antimatter condensers. 201
PrismNew Lone photon Have 1 prism. 123
PinkPrismNew Dazzling glimmer Have 50 prisms. 124
CyanPrismNew Blinding flash Have 100 prisms. 125
OrangePrismNew Unending glow Have 150 prisms. 126
GoldPrismNew Rise and shine Have 200 prisms. 158
RustedPrismNew Bright future Have 250 prisms. 221
BlackPrismNew Harmony of the spheres Have 300 prisms. 261
Prism Monument1 v15 Praise the sun [note 2] Make 1 septillion cookies just from prisms. 144
Prism Monument2 v15 A still more glorious dawn [note 2] Make 1 octillion cookies just from prisms. 202

Total buildings and upgradesEdit

Icon Name Description ID 
Column Plain v15 Builder Own 100 buildings. 72
Column Berrylium v15 Architect Own 500 buildings. 73
Column Blueberrylium v15 Engineer Own 1,000 buildings. 83
Column Chalcedhoney v15 Lord of Constructs Own 1,500 buildings.
"He saw the vast plains stretching ahead of him, and he said: let there be civilization."
Flask Plain v15 Enhancer Purchase 20 upgrades. 74
Flask Berrylium v15 Augmenter Purchase 50 upgrades. 75
Flask Blueberrylium v15 Upgrader Purchase 100 upgrades. 90
Flask Buttergold v15 Lord of Progress Purchase 200 upgrades
"One can always do better. But should you?"
Polymath v15 Polymath Own 300 upgrades and 3,000 buildings.

"Excellence doesn't happen overnight - it usually takes a good couple days."

GrandmaAchieveNew The elder scrolls Own a combined 777 grandmas and cursors.

"Let me guess. Someone stole your cookie."

One with everything v15 One with everything Have at least 1 of every building. 64
Math Plain v15 Mathematician Have at least 1 of the most expensive object, 2 of the second-most expensive object, 4 of the next and so on (capped at 128). (1 Prism, 2 Antimatter condensers, 4 Time machines, 8 Portals, 16 Alchemy labs, 32 Shipments, 64 Wizard towers, 128 each of all the rest). 65
Math Plain v15 Base 10 Have at least 10 of the most expensive object, 20 of the second-most expensive, 30 of the next and so on. 66
Math Plain2 v15 Centennial Have at least 100 of everything. 91
Math Berrylium v15 Centennial and a half Have at least 150 of everything. 131
Math Blueberrylium v15 Bicentennial Have at least 200 of everything.
"You crazy person."
Math Buttergold v15 Bicentennial and a half Have at least 250 of everything.

"Keep on truckin'."


Golden cookiesEdit

Icon Name Description ID 
Lasting fortune A stroke of luck Click 27 golden cookies. 69
Fortune v15 Fortune Click 77 golden cookies.
"You should really go to bed."
Leprechaun v15 Leprechaun Click 777 golden cookies. 84
Black cat's paw v15 Black cat's paw Click 7777 golden cookies. 85
Decisive fate Early Bird Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it spawns. 263
Decisive fate Fading Luck Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second before it dies. 264


Icon Name Description ID 
Cookie achiev 01 v15 Tiny cookie [note 4] Click the tiny cookie.
"These aren't the cookies you're clicking for."
Scroll icon v15 What's in a name Give your bakery a name. 170
Here you go v15 Here you go Click this achievement slot.

"All you had to do is ask."

Newspaper v15 Tabloid addiction Click on news ticker at least 50 times.
"Page 6: Mad individual clicks on a picture of a pastry in a futile attempt to escape boredom!
Also page 6: British Parliament ate my baby!"
Arrow special v15 Neverclick [note 5] Make 1 million cookies by only having clicked 15 times. 29
Arrow special v15 Uncanny clicker Click really, really fast.
"Well I'll be!"


Icon Name Description ID 
ElderBrainNew Elder nap Appease the grandmatriarchs at least once.
ElderBrainNew Elder slumber Appease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times.
"our mind
the universe"
ElderBrainNew Elder calm Declare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs.
Sacrilegious corruption Itchscratcher Burst 1 wrinkler. 105
Sacrilegious corruption Wrinklesquisher [note 6] Burst 50 wrinklers. 106
Sacrilegious corruption Moistburster [note 6] Burst 200 wrinklers. 107


Icon Name Description ID 
SkullCookieNew Spooky cookies [note 7] Unlock all 7 Halloween-themed cookies.
Owning this achievement makes Halloween-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.
Santa icon v15 Coming to town Reach Santa's 7th form. 109
Santas dominion v15 All hail Santa Reach Santa's final form. 110
Santa hat icon v15 Let it snow [note 7] Unlock all 7 Christmas-themed cookies. Owning this achievement makes Christmas-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs. 111
Starsnow Oh deer Pop 1 reindeer. 112
Starsnow Sleigh of hand [note 6] Pop 50 reindeer. 113
Starsnow Reindeer sleigher [note 6] Pop 200 reindeer. 114
Starsnow Eldeer Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy. 265
Starlove Lovely cookies [note 7] Unlock all 6 Valentine-themed cookies. 130
Chicken egg v15 The hunt is on Unlock 1 egg. 166
Quail egg v15 Egging on Unlock 7 eggs. 167
Cassowary egg v15 Mass Easteria Unlock 14 eggs. 168
Golden goose egg v15 Hide and seek champion Unlock all 20 eggs. 169


Icon Name Description ID 
Dragon egg v15 Here be dragon Complete your dragon's training. 222
Legacy Rebirth [note 8] Ascend at least once. 203
Legacy Resurrection [note 8] Ascend 10 times. 205
Legacy Reincarnation [note 8] Ascend 100 times. 206
RedSkull1v2 Sacrifice Ascend with 1 million cookies baked.
"Easy come, easy go."
RedSkull1v2 Oblivion Ascend with 1 billion cookies baked.
"Back to square one."
RedSkull1v2 From scratch Ascend with 1 trillion cookies baked.
"It's been fun."
RedSkull2v2 Nihilism Ascend with 1 quadrillion cookies baked.
"There are many things
that need to be erased"
RedSkull2v2 Dematerialize Ascend with 1 quintillion cookies baked.
...where'd the cookies go?"
RedSkull2v2 Nil zero zilch Ascend with 1 sextillion cookies baked.
"To summarize : really not very much at all."
RedSkull3v2 Transcendence Ascend with 1 septillion cookies baked.
"Your cookies are now on a higher plane of being."
RedSkull3v2 Obliterate Ascend with 1 octillion cookies baked.
"Resistance is futile, albeit entertaining."
RedSkull3v2 Negative void Ascend with 1 nonillion cookies baked.

"You now have so few cookies that it's almost like you have a negative amount of them."

RedSkull4 To crumbs, you say? Ascend with 1 decillion cookies baked.

"Very well then."



Icon Name Description ID 
Hardcore v15 Hardcore [note 5] Get to 1 billion cookies with no upgrades purchased. 92
Heavenly key v15 Wholesome Unlock 100% of your Prestige potential. 103

Shadow AchievementsEdit

The following 10 achievements do not count towards the Milk percentage, nor will they show up on the stats tab until you have achieved them (click here to jump back up to the Normal Achievements list).

Icon Name Description ID 
One with everything v15 Endless cycle [note 8] Ascend 1,000 times.

"Oh hey, it's you again."

CheatedCookie Cheated cookies taste awful [note 9] Hack in some cookies. 70
GodComplexNew God complex [note 10] Name yourself Orteil.

Note : usurpers incur a -1% CpS penalty until they rename themselves something else.
"But that's not you, is it?"

Ss (2014-04-09 at 02.33.03)2 Third-party Use an add-on.
"Some find vanilla to be the most boring flavor."
SpeedbakingI Speed baking I [note 5] Get to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes. 93
SpeedbakingII Speed baking II [note 5] Get to 1 million cookies baked in 25 minutes. 94
SpeedbakingIII Speed baking III [note 5] Get to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes. 95
Ghost-Mouse True Neverclick [note 5] Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
"This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?"
JustPlainLucky Just plain lucky [note 11] You have 1 chance in 500,000 every second of earning this achievement. 104
LastChanceToSeeAchievementIcon2 Last Chance to See Burst the near-extinct shiny wrinkler.
"You monster!"

Speed Baking III with Santa's Legacy and reindeer during first x7 frenzy


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  3. You can easily get the "Cookie-dunker" achievement by re-sizing the browser window (display of Milk does not need to be enabled in the Options, but at least 12% Milk, gained by earning 3 achievements, is required).
  4. The tiny cookie is one of the four cookie icons in the "General" section on the Stats page.
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  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 You need to gain at least +1 prestige level to make an ascension count towards achievements.
  9. You can get this achievement in a vanilla way (without using the console) by renaming to "Yourname" saysopensesame. So, if your name is Ben, you must rename to Ben saysopensesame.
  10. You'll incur -1% CpS penalty when you name your bakery Orteil. This penalty can be removed by renaming your bakery to something else. Misspelling the name as "Ortiel" will incur a -2% CpS penalty.
  11. 138 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds (=500 000 seconds) is the average time it takes to get this achievement.


2.0: The land of milk and cookies, He who controls the cookies controls the universe, Tonight on Hoarders, Are you gonna eat all that?, We're gonna need a bigger bakery, In the mouth of madness, Brought to you by the letter Money, When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour, Fast and delicious, Cookiehertz: A really, really tasty hertz, Woops, you just solved world hunger, Turbopuns, Faster menner, And yet you're still hungry, The Abakening, There's really no hard limit ... Anyway, how's your day been?, Fast, Clickastrophe, Clickataclysm, Thumbs, Phalanges, Metacarpals, Finger clickin' good, Gardener Extraordinaire, Seedy business, (...) To crumbs, you say?, Endless cycle added.

1.0464: What's in a name, The hunt is on, Egging on, Mass Easteria, Hide & seek champion, Dematerialize, Nil zero zilch, Transcendence, Obliterate and Negative void were added. Some icons of prior achievements were changed.

1.0420: Clickageddon, Clicknarok, Extreme polydactyly, Dr. T, The old never bothered me anyway, Homegrown, Technocracy, The center of the Earth, We come in peace, The secrets of the universe, Realm of the Mad God, Forever and ever, Walk the planck, Rise and shine all added. Some icons of prior achievements were changed.

1.0414: Click delegator, Gushing grannies, I hate manure, The incredible machine, Never dig down, And beyond, Magnum Opus, With strange eons, Spacetime jigamaroo, Supermassive, Praise the sun, Tiny cookie, You win a cookie all added. Black cat's paw becomes a normal achievement.

1.041: Perfected agriculture, Ultimate automation, Can you dig it, Type II civilization, Gild wars, Brain-split, Time duke, Molecular maestro, Lone photon, Dazzling glimmer, Blinding flash, Unending glow, Lord of Constructs, Lord of Progress, Bicentennial, Lovely Cookies all added. Mathematician and Base 10 adjusted for prism tier.

1.040: Coming to town, All hail Santa, Let it snow, Oh deer, Sleigh of hand, Reindeer sleigher added.

1.039: Itchscratcher, Wrinklesquisher, Moistburster, Spooky cookies added. Shadow achievement Just plain lucky added.

1.038: Wholesome added, Hardcore and Speed Baking series now requires no heavenly chip potential unlocked. Values for Baking (total and per second) changed.

1.037: Dungeon achievements added, Hardcore added, Speed Baking series added, Neverclick no longer shadow.

1.036: Leprechaun is a normal achievement again. Sacrifice, Oblivion, From scratch, and Nihilism are no longer Shadow Achievements. Antimatter achievements added. Upgrader and Centennial added. Mathematician and Base 10 adjusted for Antimatter tier (although the descriptions aren't).

1.035: Engineer achievement added. Leprechaun, Black cat's paw, and Nihilism added as Shadow achievements. Leprechaun is once again a shadow but now requires 777 golden cookies. Fortune takes the place of Leprechaun as the 77 gold cookies achievement.

1.034: Uncanny clicker no longer requires you to beat the clicking world record, instead simply having you click very quickly. It is also no longer a Shadow Achievement.

1.033: Leprechaun no longer a shadow achievement and 'Elder calm' achievement added. The total number of achievements is 83.

1.031: Achievements Elder nap, Elder slumber, and Elder were added. Neverclick has been moved to the Shadow achievements. The total number of achievements is 82.

1.03: Achievements Builder, Architect, Enhancer, Augmenter, and Cookie-dunker were added. Mathematician was hidden for short time when a bug associated with it and Base 10 was being fixed. The total number of achievements is 72.

1.029: The achievements Sacrifice, Oblivion, From scratch, Cheated cookies taste awful, and Uncanny clicker were hidden because they were "a bad idea".

1.026: Achievements added, 72 total.


  • The "So baked right now" achievement and the "Wake and bake" achievement are a reference to smoking marijuana.
  • The "Don't stop me now" achievement may be a reference to the Queen song of the same name.
  • The "Cookies all the way down" achievement is a reference to the phrase "Turtles all the way down".
  • The "The land of milk and cookies" achievement is a reference to Israel, referred to in the Bible as the land of milk and honey.
  • The "He who controls the cookies controls the universe" achievement and its description, "The milk must flow!", are references to the spice in Dune.
  • The "Tonight on Hoarders" achievement is a reference to the TV show Hoarders.
  • The "We're gonna need a bigger bakery" achievement is a reference to the line "You're gonna need a bigger boat" from the movie Jaws.
  • The "In the mouth of madness" achievement and its description, "A cookie is just what we tell each other it is.", are references to the movie of the same name, and the line from the movie, "A reality is just what we tell each other it is."
  • The "Brought to you by the letter Money" and "Cookie monster" achievements are references to Sesame Street.
  • The "Let's never bake again" achievement is a reference to the first "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" video, which ends with the line "let's all agree to never be creative again."
  • The "When this baby hits 360 trillion cookies per hour" achievement is a reference to the line "When this baby hits 88 miles per hour" from Back to the Future.
  • The "Cookiehertz; a really, really tasty hertz" is referring to a hertz. A hertz is a frequency defined as "one cycle per second".
  • The "Turbopuns" achievement and its description, "Mother Nature will be like "slowwwww dowwwwwn".", are references to a commercial for the fictional energy drink Powerthirst.
  • The "Faster menner" achievement is a reference to a meme that originated from the Cookie Clicker forums.
  • The "Of Mice and Men" achievement is a reference to a story by John Steinbeck of the same name.
  • The "The Digital" achievement is a reference to the Latin word digitus, which means "finger".
  • The "Dr. T" achievement is a reference to the Dr. Seuss film The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.
  • The "Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpals" achievement's description, "& KNUCKLES", is a reference to the & Knuckles meme, derived from Sonic & Knuckles.
  • The "Finger clickin' good" achievement is a reference to the KFC slogan "It's finger lickin' good!"
  • The "The old never bothered me anyway" achievement is a reference to the song 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen ("The cold never bothered me anyway").
  • The "The agemaster" achievement is a reference to the movie The Pagemaster.
  • The "To oldly go" achievement is a reference to the intro sequence of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("To boldly go where no one has gone before").
  • The "Gushing grannies" achievement is a reference to a "Dub the Dew" contest where members of 4chan pushed for the name gushing granny to be the name of a new flavor of Mountain Dew.
  • The "Panic at the bingo" achievement is a reference to the band Panic! at the Disco.
  • The "Farm ill" achievement may be a reference to "FarmVille," a popular online farming RPG where you need to grow enough crops to make a profit.
  • The "I Hate Manure" achievement is a reference to a line used by both Biff and Buford Tannen in the Back to the Future films.
  • The "Can you dig it" achievement may be a reference to a line from the movie The Warriors directed by Walter Hill, although the phrase itself precedes the movie and was commonly used throughout the 70's before the movie even came out (as evidenced by its use in the Theme from Shaft in 1971).
  • The "The center of the Earth" achievement may be a reference to the Jules Verne novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • The "Never dig down" achievement is a Minecraft reference. It is said that the #1 Rule of Minecraft is "Never dig straight down."
  • The "Rise of the machines" achievement is a reference to the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
  • The "The incredible machine" achievement may be a reference to the classic computer game of the same name, wherein the player would solve Rube Goldberg-esque puzzles, often with conveyor belts, as are found in most factories.
  • The "Yes I love technology" is a reference to the movie Napolean Dynamite.
  • The "Need for greed" achievement may be a reference to the Need for Speed video game series.
  • The "It's the economy, stupid" achievement is a reference to an unofficial slogan for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.
  • The "Acquire currency" achievement is a reference to the "Disregard Females, Acquire Currency" meme.
  • The "The nerve of war" achievement is a reference to the Cicero quote, "Nervos belli, pecuniam." (The nerve of war, money.)
  • The "Wololo" achievement is a reference to the Age of Empires series of games. The sound effect itself originates from the first game, where the Priest unit has the ability to convert opposing units, with "wololo" being the sound effect used. This is used for the same purpose in AoE 2, as well as becoming a taunt. This taunt would linger through both AoM and AoE 3.
  • The "Church of Cookiology" achievement is a reference to the Church of Scientology.
  • The "Bewitched" achievement may be a reference to the TV show of the same name.
  • The "The sorcerer's apprentice" achievement may be a reference to the Disney film Fantasia, which popularized the original Goethe poem.
  • The "Magic kingdom" achievement may be a reference to the Disney theme park of the same name.
  • The "The wizarding world" achievement is a reference to Harry Potter.
  • The "Far far away" and "Now this is pod-smashing!" achievements are references to the Star Wars movies.
  • The "Type II civilization" achievement is a reference to the Kardashev scale of a civilization's technological advancements.
  • The "It's not delivery" achievement is a reference to the DiGiorno slogan ("It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno").
  • The "And beyond" achievement is a reference to the phrase, "To infinity, and beyond" used by Buzz Lightyear, from the Toy Story movies.
  • The "Transmogrification" achievement may a reference to the Calvin and Hobbes classic, the transmogrifier, which popularized the word.
  • The "Gold member" achievement is a reference to the third movie in Mike Myers' "Austin Powers" trilogy, "Austin Powers in Goldmember".
  • The "Gild wars" achievement is a reference to the ArenaNet game Guild Wars.
  • The "Gold, Jerry! Gold!" achievement is a reference to a Seinfeld episode.
  • The "A whole new world" achievement is a reference to the song of the same name from the Disney movie "Aladdin".
  • The "Now you're thinking" achievement is a reference to the Valve video games "Portal" and "Portal 2", in which you are repeatedly encouraged to "think with portals".
  • The "Dimensional shift" achievement may be a reference to the new age concept, popularized by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
  • The "Realm of the Mad God" achievement is a reference to the online game Realm of the Mad God.
  • The "With strange eons" achievement is a reference to the fictional book Necronomicon, created by H.P. Lovecraft: "That is not dead which can eternal lie; And with strange aeons even death may die."
  • The "Ever more hideous" achievement is a reference to the H. P. Lovecraft quote, "Memories and possibilities are ever more hideous than realities."
  • The "Time warp" achievement may be a reference to the song and dance of the same name from The Rocky Horror Show and, later, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • The "Time duke" achievement may be a reference to the Time Lords from the popular TV series Doctor Who.
  • The "cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot com" achievement is a reference to the popular show on Adult Swim, Rick and Morty. This is in reference to episode 1, at the end.
  • The "Be kind, rewind" achievement may be a reference to the movie of the same name.
  • The "Walk the planck" achievement is a reference to Max Planck, a German theoretical physicist who originated the Quantum Theory. It is also a reference to the supposed pirate practice of walking the plank.
  • The "Supermassive" achievement may be a reference to the astronomical object of the same name.
  • The "Harmony of the spheres" achievement is a reference to the philosophical concept of the same name.
  • The "Praise the sun" achievement is a Dark Souls reference. It relates to the popular emote/faction.
  • The "A still more glorious dawn" achievement is a reference to a Carl Sagan quote.
  • The "The elder scrolls" achievement is a reference to the Elder Scrolls series of Bethesda Software. The phrase "Let me guess. Someone stole your cookie." is a reference to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, where a guard randomly talks to you: "Let me guess, someone stole your sweet-roll."
  • The "Tiny cookie" achievement's description, "These aren't the cookies you're clicking for", is a reference to the quote from Obi-Wan: "These aren't the droids you're looking for" in the film "Star Wars IV: A New Hope."
  • The "What's in a name" achievement is a reference to Romeo and Juliet.
  • The "Tabloid addiction" achievement's description may contain a reference to the phrase "Dingoes ate my baby."
  • The "Moistburster" achievement may be a reference to "Voidthirster", a card from Ascension. It is also reminiscent of the bloodthirsters from League of Legends and Warhammer.
  • The "Coming to town" achievement is a reference to the song Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
  • The "Let it snow" achievement is a reference to the song of the same name.
  • The "Mass Easteria" achievement is a reference to mass hysteria
  • The "Here Be Dragon" achievement is a reference to a phrase commonly used in the 1700s by cartographers when talking about uncharted and faraway places on a map. This phrase was used to keep people away from these areas, as it was believed sea monsters inhabited them. This could also be a reference to the video game "Geometry Dash," which used the same line when pressing the information button on the "Coming Soon!" page of the main-game levels in the 1.9 update.
  • The "From Scratch" achievement may be a reference to Carl Sagan's quote, "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe", and also its description and name may be references to Homestuck. It also may be a reference to Portal 2, where the last voice line in non-cutscene gameplay is "It's been fun. Don't come back."
  • The "Nihilism" achievement's description, "There are many things that need to be erased", is a reference to the video Happy Factory.
  • The "Obliterate" achievement's description, "Resistance is futile, albeit entertaining.", is a reference to the Borg from Star Trek.
  • The "To crumbs, you say?" achievement is a reference to The Professor from Futurama. In episode 3 he is heard on the phone saying: "To shreds, you say."
  • The "Third-party" achievement's description refers to the fact that a piece of software unmodified by third parties is known as vanilla software.
  • There are four more secret Achievements, only obtainable by hacking. They will be released when dungeons come out. They are called "Getting even with the oven", "Now this is pod-smashing", "Chirped out", and "Follow the white rabbit". The description for each of these is, "Defeat the Sentient Furnace in the factory dungeons.", "Defeat the Ascended Baking Pod in the factory dungeons.", "Find and defeat Chirpy, the dysfunctionning alarm bot.", "Find and defeat the elusive sugar bunny." respectively. And finally each of their IDs are, 96, 97, 98, and 99 respectively.
  • The "Follow the white rabbit" achievement is a quote from the movie "The Matrix," which itself is referring to the children's story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • The "Faster Menner" achievement is a reference to a user of DashNet Forums known as Idler, who posted on the site with broken grammar, and created a suggestion post, entitled "Suggest (a discussion where you can suggest good thing, stick this!" that suggested that several buildings (including Faster Menner) should be added to the game.
  • The "Last Chance to See" achievement may be a reference to the Douglas Adams book of that name, in which he and a partner/co-author visited endangered creatures around the world to photograph and write about them before they became extinct.
  • The "Fast and Delicious" achievement is a reference The Fast and the Furious series of action films.

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